About Us


A mission to make law accessible

iPleaders consists of a team of lawyers hell-bent on figuring out ways to make law more accessible. While the lack of access to affordable and timely legal support cuts across all sectors, classes and people in India, where it is missed most, surprisingly, are business situations. The concept of business lawyers is still nascent in this country, and while there are world class law firms catering to top-of-the-market clients like investment banks, PE or VC funds, financial powerhouses and multi-national corporations – there are very few, if at all workable, options for the common businessman, the SME manager or the startup founder. iPleaders began in 2010 to address this market with the help of technology and education.

iPleaders advocates that businessmen, including technology entrepreneurs can manage the majority of legal issues by themselves efficiently if they are equipped with basic knowledge and resources. A major focus area of iPleaders has been researching and developing resources through blogging, educational resources, workshops, and interactive software that entrepreneurs can use themselves as aid during decision making.


The founders of iPleaders are graduates of the National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS), Kolkata a top law school in India. They have worked at a leading corporate law firm in Mumbai on PE, M&A deals and corporate restructuring of several financial and technology companies.

Activities of iPleaders:

iPleaders has reached out to entrepreneurs through various forums, such as e-cells in colleges (such as the IIT-KGP), entrepreneurship networks (such as the HeadStart Foundation). Given below is a description of the products / courses launched by iPleaders:

    • · Diploma course on Entrepreneurship Administration and Business LawsDiploma course on entrepreneurship and business laws in collaboration with NUJS has been announced in 2011. Successful candidates will receive a diploma in “Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Law” from NUJS upon successfully passing the course. The first batch of the diploma course shall start from 1 July 2011. Syllabus is attached.
    • · Training material for Bar ExamiPleaders launched an online training course flamboyantly named as “BarHacker” for the ALL India Bar Exam in March 2011 aimed at Indian law students giving the Bar Exam. The course has a 100% success rate. Till date no one who subscribed to BarHacker has failed the exam. Visit http: www.barhacker.in for more details
    • · Workshop at BITS GoaiPleaders entered into an MoU with BITS Goa to conduct a two day workshop on business laws during the tech-fest of Birla Institute of Technological Sciences, Pilani, Goa (BITS Goa) for the students with entrepreneurial ambitions.
    • · Do-it-yourself kitsiPleaders has launched a startup kit which guides entrepreneurs through the process of setting up a new company (including trademark registration and other startup activities) and enables them to complete legal compliances on their own. The kit saves the hassle of dealing with lawyers who don’t understand a unique and new business, monetary costs, and enables startups to complete legal formalities faster.

iPleaders has exhibited the do-it-yourself kits in Bangalore (at E-Sparks 2011, organized by Yourstory.in) and Kolkata (at Infocom 2011, organized by Ananda Bazar Patrika).