Ananya Banerjee is a startup enthusiast, public speaker and the founder of Unico Legale; a boutique law firm based in Kolkata, which provides a wide variety of advisory and transactional legal services throughout India. Prior to founding her own law firm she has interned with reputed law firms like Barucha & Partners, SAMVAD Partners, MD&T Partners etc to name a few. Apart from her law career, she is passionate about social causes and regularly volunteers with NGOs. She is a public speaker and has delivered talks at various educational institutes. She has done her LLB from the university of Calcutta. We asked Ananya how the NUJS diploma course in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business laws has helped her so far in her career. She had very interesting things to talk about her experience with the course, her experience with the NUJS diploma course was so fulfilling that after successfully completing it, she has enrolled in the NUJS M.A in Business Laws; an online postgraduate business law program from NUJS.  We decided to share her experience with the NUJS Diploma course with you all as a success story. Over to Ananya:

I was in the middle of a corporate internship when I realized that there is a gap between what I studied in college and the practical use of it. I was aware of the concepts but I could not efficiently put them into practice. I was looking for an option to cover this gap and I saw an advertisement of the NUJS diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business laws while researching online. I liked the course content and syllabus as it was practice oriented, its was not  based on  theory but totally based on how you can apply your knowledge. This looked exactly what I was looking for and I decided to enroll for it.

There was a change in my approach towards work after this diploma course, in my internships after this course, people starting noticing my work. I knew the work earlier also but was unable to execute them efficiently as I lacked the practical approach.

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Even now, when I’m running a corporate law firm, all that I learned from the course is very relevant to me and helps me very single day. I still refer the course notes. Once, we were working on a transaction which involved export-import compliance. It was something I had never done before and none of my team members had an experience with it. I had only the basic idea about it and that is when I realized that I have studied it in my diploma course. I referred the course material and handled the transaction totally based on the knowledge gained through the diploma course,  it gave me the basic idea of  what to check and how to check.

I have mentioned this diploma course in my LinkedIn profile and CV. I have  mentioned it for all my job applications in the past as the NUJS tag always gets attention. It certainly adds value to your profile.

I would be more than happy to recommend this course to anyone, I have arranged a couple of seminars in my college to inform people about this course. I make it a point to recommend it to everyone, as good things are to be shared.

I personally feel law students, entrepreneurs, and startup enthusiasts would especially benefit from this course. They can plan their startup well, have a good structure and negotiate a good deal with the investors once they are empowered with the knowledge of business law.


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