Fatima Quraishi is a 2013 graduate from RMLNLU, Lucknow. She signed up for the first batch of the Diploma course in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws offered by NUJS when she was in her final year at RMLNLU. She has earlier worked with Human Rights Law Network and clerked with a Supreme Court Judge. From her job interviews to LLM interviews, this diploma course has been a point of conversation during the interviews and how it helped her creating a good impact on the interviewers.

Lets hear from Fatima how this course helped her in her career and life.

Since the very first semester I had put a lot of emphasis on internships. I had 12 internships to my credit by the end of law school and I made sure I interned at a variety of places to understand what really gets me. My other motivation to get such exposure was to face the practical realities of law practice. After graduation I clerked with a Justice at The Supreme Court of India for a year and then worked for a public trust for a few months.

I quit my job last month and currently working on a roadmap for myself. I am utilizing this time to read, explore and plan my next course of action. In the past I’ve worked primarily in criminal and human rights law, which was a mix of women rights, labour rights, child rights and environment rights. I have also worked on cases that have caught media’s fancy.

I am currently planning to go to Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy for a master degree. Once studies are over, I aspire to start my own organization based on the touchstone of policy-making and litigation.

I am proud to say that I belong to the first batch of the NUJS business law diploma course. One of my good friends selflessly introduced me to the course in my last year of college when things are dramatically competitive. This is crucial to mention as I was in the last year of law school when everybody aggressively tries to bag PPOs and do well at job interviews. What encouraged me to take up the course was the practical aspects of the course and the edge I aimed to get against my peers.

I was bit worried, if would be able to cope up with the rigour of the course. However, thanks to ‘the learn at your own pace’ format, I enjoyed reading it and was reasonably able to coordinate my academic schedule along with the course. The material created by the team used to be golden, most of the time it made me realize that even after studying that particular subject academically I am still unaware of the important details. The way the course is chapterised and worded is exceptional and gives another dimension to learning.

Even though I have not incorporated a company, or prepared contracts or worked in taxation till now. However, I have managed to advice friends on a family settlement, structuring of a non-profit and certain aspects of IT Act, based on the skills that I gathered in the course.

I have mentioned this course in my CV and interestingly, I have been asked about it in almost 95% of all the interviews that I’ve faced for job and master degree alike. This course creates an impact and in most cases it got the interviewers very interested in my candidature.

The course not only enriches one’s intellect with not just information but with practical based exercises which are very helpful while working in a professional setup. The topics which are covered are very interesting and there is no equal for such diverse course content in India currently.


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