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Viral video without consent of a girl  


In a WhatsApp group of a friend. A videa is shared by admin..in the video a couple is getting intimate, the guy is recording a video when girl ask him to stop he asks her to trust him and he recorded the video and shared it online... What can i do for the victim? I don't know her name or anything..


You need to file a complaint with the cyber police. It will be against the admin of the whatsapp group who shared this clip. Police will try to avoid an FIR. All you need to do is take two copies of complaint, submit one and get the other marked as received copy. After that share the complaint copy with cyber police, send a copy to the SP/commissioner of the district also. Doing these things should create sufficient pressure on the police to take action. If nothing works, the final step is to approach magistrate under Section 156(3) of CrPC to give an order to register complaint. Police will also be directed to investigate who made the clip in the first place.


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