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Should I file an FIR if Landlord goes back on giving monthly rental receipts if I pay rent by Cash?  


I am currently residing in Om Nagar, Langar Houz, Hyderabad. I am staying in this location since the beginning of May 2018. Landlord initially agreed on giving me monthly rental receipts when I made it clear that I need them. However, after some days when I take the receipts to get his signature on them he refuses to sign. He told that he never agreed for rental receipts which is a lie. I pay my monthly rent by cash. There has not been any rental agreement drawn up. The terms were agreed on when both of us met. Right now I don't have a proof that I am giving him monthly rental and that I have given him security deposit amounting to two months of rent. So If I want to leave, I should stay at least for two months. I don't know what to do. Please help.


Firstly henceforth do not pay cash monthly rent to your landlord. You can deposit the same either through money order or best way is to account transfer ether through cheque or online bank transfer. But you should first of all send him a notice for sharing his account details to accept the rent in his account for not providing the rent receipts.

Secondly, it is very natural that he will reject all your propositions, therefore file a suit against the landlord so that the rent can be deposited to the rent control board along with an injunction and an interim relief to restrain the landlord from any further hassles. 

Thirdly, if require you can file a police complaint in reference to section 144 and 268 of the IPC.

Please do consult an Advocate also if require.

Pradipta Nath


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