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Is employee bond legal in India for incorporated company- If we would have signed the bond  


Hi Team
Subject Are employment bonds legal in India or not- if yes how long should the bond period be
I am working for a corporate company we basically work form the abroad country which gives business to us
A kind of back office work given from the abroad company
The corporate company is in the India Hyderabad
Is it compulsory the corporate company should have a BOND for the employees and associates to sign to be with the company to stay with for particular time.
The Bond says the employees should stick with the company for the particular period for ex 2 years
If the associate is unhappy with the process company or if any emergency for personal reasons
If the employee worked with company for more than 11 months and planning to quit the company after signing the bond is it compulsory for
every employee or associates need to pay the penalty fee for the company which is more than 1 Lakh
The penalty fee is close to half of our per annual package CTC which is not fare
Is there any rule to pay the penalty fee if we would have sign the bond and want to resign the job or company

Please help me what are the rules
The company management says I should pay the penalty fee companionly if I am quitting the company before 2years
Do I need to pay or dont need to pay the penalty according to Indian constitution if I am resigning my job
If I dont want to pay the penalty fee What steps can I do whom can I consent and take help


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