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I got a quote from BAJAJ that I AM ELIGIBLE FOR personal loan and then I applied for that as per their procedures, for 2lakh rupees.I had submitted the copy of PANCARD, VOTERS ID CARD, three months BANK STATEMENT to the email ID which they have mentioned in their messages ([email protected]).I used to get call from Ms.Kavya, Mr.Rajiv and one another guy representing bajaj continuousy every day by following up the details.I had given all details just because I am a bajaj customer using EMI CARD and their RBL CARD too.But this time i got cheated.After submitting the documents, they asked me to pay 2500 Rupees as processing fee which is refundable along the loan amount (like that they informed) and they mailed me the account details to which i have to transfer and i did the same (I am attaching the details of proof here too).and after that as per their request i had forwarded the screenshot of transaction.
Then..i got a confirmation mail (attaching the same here) saying that since i din recieve an amount of 2lkh yet in my current saving account i need to pay a transaction assurance amount of 8500/- too to proceed with the file, which is also refundable along the loan amount ,So total 210000/- will be supposed to credit in my account.
ON my bad luck , i trusted these guys and again transfered 8500/- to the same account which they forwarded.
And, Literally, pathetic it is that after receiving this whole maount, all the three numbers got switched off suddenly ..........and no email repsonse nothing,.....
AM really sad and afraid that i lost my hard earned savings of 11000/ rupess beacuse of this cheaters.
i had texted, mailed and tried on calling to those numbers...and wot am getting from them is only one resposne.."I'm n a meeting ".

Sir, I am requesting you to please do help to get my 11000/- back in my account..
kindly help me out

Sreeja S S


kindly find the atatchments too


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