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I want to enter into partnership of a partucular company
Is there any agency from where we can know the credibility of a particular company.


You can find the credibility of the Company from different source like their financial audited report, Director's, promoter's background, any prosecution under the Companies Act is pending or not, any news paper report etc. You can search the MCA website or I believe there are few freelancer available who can provide you a verified report.

Pradipta Nath


It is not clear whether you want to join as a partner in existing partnership firm or enter into a partnership with another  incorporated company. Before entering into a partnership with an existing company ensure that the constitution of that company permits to do so.   

Analysing the Balance sheet and financials of a company gives you the financial health of the company to a certain extent, but can not say that balance sheets are always correct and foolproof. 

The most popular credit rating agencies in India are Credit Rating Information Services of India Ltd.( CRISIL), Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency of India( ICRA), Credit Analysis and research Lomited ( CARE), Onida Individual credit Rating Agency of India ( ONICRA) , Small Medium Enterprises Rating Agency of India Ltd ( SMERA)


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