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crminal offence  


Dear Sir in 2015 an loi was made with a party for a space in a mall, subsequently my director was dissatisfied with the terms which i subesquently fot it chnaged in March 2016. Now teh party in 2017 December denies signing the document with full knowledge of teh contents. I was transfrred from tge organisation in june 2017 and subseqyuently resigned and left in august. this denial of teh party comes in december and the LOI has not been transferred into an agreement. My pasr organisation now says that this has been fardulently done. I meet the past organisation director in jan 2018 on their request to sort this out, however they stick to the stand and are threatining me of dire consequences. in the meanwhiel thay have held on to my full and final settlement and pf. in this case what do i do and how do i defend myself.


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