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EEA Permanent Residency with Certain Details  


First it is very essential to understand what is EEA Permanent Residency? This is basically a condition which allows EEA nationals and their family members to stay, work and study in UK for indefinite amount of time and without any immigration restrictions. After staying in UK for long period of 5 years or more you can apply as an EEA resident for the confirmation of permanent residence in UK. This needs some significant and certain documents to provide under the rules of EEA not under the rules of UK immigration. You need to understand that ILR is different and for different demand. It has different demands and requirements. First, you need to understand what are you looking for then you should apply.

Do you need to apply for permanent residence?

Those EEA nationals and their family members and even non-EEA nationals and their family members do not need to show any documents for staying in UK. But there are certain other things that you need to show while you apply for this EEA permanent residency.

1.       It would seem like if you have any inconvenience or difficulty in staying in UK as a lawful resident of UK.

2.       Once if you leave UK for a more than certain period of time then you have to show EEA family permit while you return back here again. It will be an assurance of readmission as an EEA national.

3.       You may find difficulty in obtaining or changing the employment as employers may not get the immigration rules.

4.       Last but not the least it is very important to have permanent residence because until and unless you get this you will not get British citizenship.

There are certain criteria of UK partner visa like you have to be adult means more than 18 years , you have to be a British citizen, have too be settled in UK etc.

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