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Greetings Of The Day!!!!!

I am a 34 Years woman staying with my mother and grand mother. One of our relative my father's nephew use to come at our place. We used to come from our childhood but for 1 day or 2 but from last 3 years frequently he comes stay at our place saying my mother is like his mother and my grandmother is his Nani so and they have supported when he was child. He always said that father was a god man and always helped them when they visit our city and all emotional things. As my brother were always out of station as he is working in another city. LAst year my brother got a chance to out of India so we went with his family and the very second month he went that person started showing his colors. He wrote a letter top my mother in very chean language saying he loves her and wanted to be with him. My mother shown me up this letter and i opposed and shouted on him so after he started blaming that my mother has taken money from him now give me that money. he messaged to bullshit infact he started messaging before this case to make every one against us. I was supposed to get engaged he message to that boy father saying i am not a good character girl and all bullshit . He also messaged to our landlord saying bad things about us. Police called him and he came after 4-5 days with his family his son and wife apologized and he him self apologized for aha he has done. Police told us dont go for further case as he will not do now and we are here for you anytime. That time his son is going to get married so may be the reason that said sorry and all but now again after 5 months he started to messaging my relatives and saying my mother has taken money . Kindly advice me.


This is very sad to hear. Here is what your issues are:

1. How to stop this person from messaging relatives about fake things

2. How to punish him for harassing in the past


Now for Question no 1., the easiest will be to put up the letter written by him on facebook, or messaging the same to the relatives to whom he messaged. It will effectively counter his smear campaign. Technically you can also file a defamation case but that will be expensive and problematic for you in all probability.


Question no 2. I am not sure if you want to punish him for harassing your mother in the past, but if you want to then filing fresh police complaint along with the evidence you have is the best way to proceed.


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