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Hostel/PG legal Requirements ?  


What are the legal necessities to be done as i want to open a 7 bed hostel in my residence ?


Yours is a residential property, hence before starting the business, at first please do inform the local police station on this so that any nuisance can be controlled an for security purpose also.

Aside, please note the following licenses you require to introduce this business: -

1. Trade License from the local Municipality.

2. GST registration.

3. Ensure that you obtain the identity cards with self attested from the customers.

4. You can also side by side execute a Agreement between you and the customers so that the future disputes could be sorted out easily and cost effectively.

5. Please also ensure, if your customers are students and/or minor, they need to execute the agreement through their parents.

These are the general requirements to start the P.G or Hostel business.

Please ensure that aside to the required registration you do have a exhaustive clauses agreement so that any future Court litigation can be managed cost effectively and timely.

Pradipta Nath


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