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Dear Sir/Madam,

I need your help urgently. Following is my case.

I have worked for Concentrix for 9years 10 months. I have moved to Canada in Nov. as “ permanent resident”. I have got settled here. Now, I want to withdraw full EPF amount as wont be coming back and settled here. When I sent somebody to EPF office, Gurgaon with my docs sent by my company , they said you cant withdraw the full amount as it is over 9.5years of service.

I want to know what I need to do to withdraw the full amount. Please help me or share somebody’s contact email address.

I have all the valid documents with me to have got settled in Canada now.

Thanks & Regards,
Yogesh Babbar


Dear Mr. Yogesh Babbar,

The rule is that you will be eligible for pension if you have turned 58 or 50 yrs of age or 10 yrs of service. The 10 years of service is considered and rounded to the next year for an addition of six months or more of service. Therefore you will be considered to have completed 10 years of service. And therefore you are also eligible for availing pension.

If you apply for pension withdrawal in Form -10(c), you shall be allowed to withdraw the amount, but as this is a case where you are eligible for pension and now there at present a composite Form for withdrawal purpose is prevailing, it is advised to please directly coordinate with the Regional Provident Fund Commissioner or its Apex authority. May you can send your Advocate too in your absence to represent you before the RPFC or the Public Relation Officer and do the needful liaison.

Edited: 8 months  ago

Pradipta Nath


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