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Need rule for carrying Alcohal/Liquor in Train  


What are the rules for carrying 2 Ltr Liquor with receipt from Duty free shop in train? I will just carry it from Delhi to Lucknow and will not consume during the journey. I see many posts regarding the same but no where mentions the reference legal links.


Hello Guest, 

There is not specific regulation, but we all know the Indian Railway govern by the India Rail Board and according to rule contained in para number 505 and 506 of the ICRA, Coaching Tariff Number 25, Part-I (V-1. the all type of inflammable goods are prohibited to be carried by any person in the passenger compartment. 

for your information rules and regulation relating to liquor is subject matter of State and you cross the state boundaries. for legal cases and queries details mail [email protected]   


Vibhu Sharma


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