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Professional Ethics  


Mr. X is a gold medalist from one of the leading National Law Schools of the country. He cleared his Advocate –on Record examinations in 2015 and was ranked very high among all the appearing candidates. However, he did not get enough briefs for filing in the Supreme Court. He felt that it was probably due to the fact that he did not come from a legal background. He wrote emails to the departments of law of almost all state. Government requesting them to appoint him as their standing counsel in the Supreme Court. He pointed out that he was a gold medalist and had cleared the advocate examination. He also attached his resume with the email.

After reading above facts, do you feel that Mr. X is guilty of professional misconduct warranting disciplinary action being taken against him – if disciplinary Proceedings are in fact initiated, do you feel that he would be found guilty in such proceedings ? Discuss with reference to case law and relevant statutory provisions.


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