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Sexual and Mental harassment in Education institution  


My question is : I was of Jamia Millia Islamia and was in an abusive relationship with an Afghan National. In our relationship course,he tortured me to change my religion to Islam.Many a times forced me to be physical with him and as son as i revolted; he would cry and promise to make things fine. After 1.5 years of relation i got to know that back in his country he is married with two kids.. so i broke up with him. But what about the mental trauma i went through? Nw he has taken admission in another course in the same university for his masters and playing the same game with an innocent girl , claiming himself single again. Kindly support by making me know that i want to make a sexually and mental harassment report to the universitys' VC. i am an ex student of the same university; would the request be entertained?


You have submit your compliant police as well as the Dean of university. 

Vibhu Sharma


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