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About remarriage  


I got married during 2008 and it was only a register marriage, after 4 years we separated. Got the divorce as well. Now i'm planning to marry, i don't want to expose to my fiance that i'm already married and divorced. Now after second wedding, if i go to register office to register my wedding, will it show off in any way that i'm already married and divorced????? Can some one pls clarify


Definitely.  It is must to show in the column meant for whether the marriage is 1st or divorcee  and in declaration given by the couple, because you are going to 2nd marriage after divorce.  and an elder it is advisable that you please inform your would be that you are a divorced.  otherwise in future she may comes to know, then what is your position?


Thanks for your comment, i know it's must to show, but what if i did not mention the same, will it show somewhere or i can hide and register, pls let me know

As per query I answered your query.   hiding is not correct and advisable. if you want to hide, do as you like.   


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