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The girl has been in a relationship for more then a year and then ditched when it came to the question of marriage. She survived on my expenses for long 1 year and then ditched me putting me in depression.

she had been in physical relationship for al throughout the year and at the last moment she took a u turn completely when she found all will not be working according to her wish. She has done all this with other guys also prior to my relationship. She would be doing this in future as well. So, I want justice on this and do not want anybody else to get into her trap anymore. Also, would like to know if i can file a case against her as the physical relationship was done on getting her consent.


Was there any contract or promise made to you for marrying? Do you have any witness or documentary evidences? If not please do not think of dragging the girl into the Court!

There is no law still to enforce anyone's love and affection unless he/she is by duty bound.

And moreover any physical relation especially for males cannot be proved and can easily turned down on the ground of free consent amongst. Rather there will be risk to drag yourself into a hefty amount compensation suit for defaming and infringing one's private life publicly.

Pradipta Nath


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