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IPC 497  


Respected Sir,
I have photos, sms, whatsup pics, phone calls record and some voice recordings of my wife extra indulgence with other males. All these were taken from her mobile. Also she was using many simcards without informing me. I wanted to put IPC 497. I am Govt employee, so before putting the case what safe guard i should take. Marriage 18 yrs. Married Bangalore and stayed in Mumbai. Affaiir one in mumbai and one in Bangalore. There are many Facebook flirting too. They used to come in my absence in my house. One year back I showed there family members some of the photos of both males. Initially agreed for mutual, but now they are insisting to see in court. Son 16yrs right now with her in Bangalore. Indirectly I have come too know that if I put case in IPC497 then they will put on me that i forced her into this affairs for money. She took her boutique materials and house materials including furniture with her to Bangalore in Movers and packers. After i showed them the photos in her fathers house about her affairs, she with her mother and the Bangalore guy came to Mumbai to collect the belongings and thus stayed back for almost 6 months and then took all the things. Still she in constant communication with him and there family members. My son too has seen and was shocked and told me. But now they have blocked my phone nos. and I cannot speak to my son.
Sir, please advice how can I move ahead legally first safeguarding me.


Dear Sir,

You can file a criminal case under section 497 of IPC or else simultaneously you can also file a divorce petition in family Court on the grounds of adultry but you shall have concrete evidences to prove the case of adultry mere texting and casual photographs of your wife with other person can't help you out. You can contact me on [email protected] if at all you need further more guidance.

Thank you.


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