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Laws regarding Marriage to a foreigner  


I am going to get married to a Cambodian citizen who is a Buddhist. I am from a Hindu family. 1) So under which act will this marriage fall? 2) Do I need to get married according to the Hindu rituals first before registering for marriage in a court? 3) I want his visa to be converted to the X-visa after our marriage. How do we proceed for that? 4) Do I need a lawyer?


You may get your marriage registered under Foreign Marriage Act.  The Central Government shall appoint the Marriage Officer for any Foreign Country.  The groom shall attain the age of 21 years and the bride 18 years.  Each party shall go to the Marriage Office and give intended Notice.  After giving such notice, after expiry of 30 days period if no objection is received by the Marriage Officer, he will register your marriage.  consult in Marriage Office for other details.



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