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special marriage act  


my wife was a divorcee woman but said and fill wrong marital status in marriage notice under special marriage act 1954 and after knowing the truth, I filled 415,496 and 420 case in the name of my wife and her parents when court asked about this then instead of accepting her fraud she said the marriage registrar put the wrong marital status but I told everything to my husband and his family before the marriage about my first marriage. she didn't submitted any divorce decree during filling the notice what will be punishment will she and her parents get and marriage registrar too? Please help me to send me the answer.


Your wife is a divorcee woman.  Did you ask her to show the divorce decree granted by the court?  if you have no proof, first apply for copy of divorce decree order given from the court through an advocate.  

2) If you have not mentioned in the column meant for divorcee, the Registrar cannot question about it.  If you (either groom or bride) mentioned in column meant for divorcee in Form-A, then the Registrar without verifying decree, do not register the marriage.  consult your own cousel with the material you have.



Do you have divorce decree granted by the court to her ?  if you dnt have then apply for copy divorce decree from the court through an advocate. 


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