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Update Suggestions: How much stamp duty do you have to pay in the 6 metro cities of India (most common documents)  


Bangalore = Stamp duty for pledging... It is 0.1 % upto Rs. 10 lakh and 0.2% for beyond Rs. 10 lakh


Where loan amount does not exceeds Rs.10 lacs, the stamp duty is @0.1% and a minimum of Rs.500/-, when the loan amount exceeds Rs.10 lacs,  the stamp duty is @0.2% and a maximum of Rs.10 lakshs.



The Stamp duty varies from state to state.

Stamp duty ranges from 3% to 10% depending on the slab rate decided by the state. The onus to pay the stamp duty is on the buyer of Property -

Stamp duty is calculated  on the higher value, between ready reckoner rate (Government Valuation) and Agreement value of rate (Consideration).

In Maharashtra depending on local taxes  of particular Municipal Corporation

the stamp duty of Plot within corporation  (urban areas) is 6% and in rural areas (Villages) stamp duty is 4%


Following is the attachment which will show the stamp duty slabs in Metro Cities


The querist asked for the stamp duty for pledging only.


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