How to Get More Points? Engage More on Blog & Forum [Guide]

You are important to us. Love and support from readers like you have made iPleaders Blog one of the largest legal blogs in India, having an ever-growing readership crossing 3 Lakh+ monthly readers currently.

As a token of appreciation towards your involvement in our blog as an engaged reader, we are launching some cool new features hoping to add more to your life.

  1. iPleaders Forum – Where you can ask law related queries and get answers from experts and other community members. You can also answer to others’ queries and establish yourself as an authority to our massive audience.
  2. Leaderboard – We have started assigning points to different activities performed in iPleaders blog and forum:
    1. Writing blog post
    2. Commenting on Blog post
    3. Asking question on Forum
    4. Answering on Forum
    5. etc
      More engaged you are, more points you’ll earn and rise towards the top of the leaderboard. Now everyone in our community will get to know the most contributing members like you. 🙂

To make it easy for you, let us show you step by step on how to use these new features and make a mark in this community

Step 1: Signup / Login

If you already have a username and password, just login. Or signup as a new user.

Step 2: Choose Your Desired Activity

Once you log in, you’ll be able to see the following choices:

Submit Article (Write / Edit Blog Posts)

We’ve revamped the article submission process to make it most convenient to you and get your article published faster.

Once you click Write / Edit Blog Posts buttons from above screen, or just visit the submit article page, you’ll see the page below to submit your article directly

Once you click submit, your article will reach our awesome Editors and get published at the earliest possible schedule.

Interact on Forum

This button will take you to the Forum home page.


Now you can start answering questions posted by others by clicking on the questions or ask a question yourself by clicking on the ASK A QUESTION button.

Answer / Comment on Existing Questions

If you want to be notified whenever new replies are given to that particular topic, don’t forget to subscribe to this topic.

Please note that you can also reply to a particular answer posted under a question.

Use ‘Add a comment’ to ask for information or suggest improvements. Avoid answering questions via comments.

You can upvote or downvote any answer by clicking the ‘up arrowhead’ and ‘down arrowhead’ to the left of the answer.

Ask Question

You can click Ask a Question button and visit Questions for Writers page.

Once you click ‘Submit’, you can choose to post the question from your own account or anonymously using our Guest Account.

Please note that we’ll not be able to assign you points if you submit a question anonymously.

Once you’ve made the choice, your question will be posted in the forum and you’ll be redirected to the Forum post.

Your Profile

You can check your public profile by clicking ‘My Profile’ tab on forum navigation.

Clicking on the name/photo of any Forum users will take you to their public profile.

If you want to edit the information displayed on your public profile, you can do so from My Profile > Account

Fill up as much information as possible here to grow your authority.

You can find your activities in the Blog and Forum on the Activity tab.

We’ll be updating the Forum with new features and better user experience. We’ll be updating this tutorial page accordingly.

Something not working? Facing any issue on the forum? Email us with subject line: ‘iPleaders Forum Feedback’ and we’ll get back to you with a fix asap.