Publication policy

Terms and conditions of publishing articles on iPleaders blog

By submitting any article for publication on, or communicating in any way the consent to publish articles the author has undertaken and agreed with the following terms and conditions:

  1. That the article is original work of the author and has not been published anywhere before.
  2. That if there is any plagiarism or violation of copyright due to publication of the article, then the author will be solely responsible for it, and will hold Intelligent Legal Risk Management Solutions LLP, the owner of iPleaders Blog indemnified against any damages and legal action.
  3. That in case of adverse public opinion, governmental action, criticism or harm to the image of the blog, the blog editors reserves the right to take down the article, although the blog will reasonably defend the right of the blogger and will not easily take down any post.
  4. That any liability arising out of any views or opinion or language used in the article is solely that of the author, and as a platform iPleaders Blog or the owners of the blog would not be responsible for the same.
  5. That Intelligent Legal Risk Management Solutions LLP is being given unlimited and unrestricted, in times of time and geographical locations, language and medium, license to publish the article in the iPleaders Blog and any other publication and platform. While the author retains copyright and all moral rights over the article, the author agrees not to publish the article on any other blog, website or webpage including LinkedIn pulse or any other web based medium. The author is free to republish the article on any non-web based medium with the clarification that the article was first published on the iPleaders Blog and mention the date of publication.
  6. That the author can seek to republish the article on their own personal blog or a blog of which he/she is the sole owner only after taking written permission from iPleaders. Such article must be published along with a clarification that the article was first published on iPleaders Blog along with a link to the original webpage from iPleaders Blog where the article has been published.
  7. That the author may publish an extract of the article, not exceeding 15% of the original article, on any other web based platforms including Linkedin Pulse, Facebook Note or any other blog.
  8. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this terms and conditions, copyright, licensing or the breach, termination or invalidity thereof shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the Rules of Arbitration of the Access or Justice Institute (, and the and the award made in pursuance thereof shall be binding on the parties. The parties agree that the arbitration proceedings shall be conducted by way of submission of written pleadings, documents and submissions made by the parties without any oral hearing. The parties agree that the written pleadings will be submitted to the arbitrator appointed by the said Institute who will resolve the dispute and differences hereunder by fast track procedure. The arbitrator shall take a decision in a time bound manner after considering only such written arguments. The decision or award so given by the Arbitrator shall be binding on the parties hereto. In case, one of the parties does not take part in the arbitration proceedings and/or obstruct the arbitration proceedings, the Arbitrator shall pass ex parte order which would be enforceable on both the parties.
  9. That the consideration of publishing the article for free and providing editorial services to process the article and making it fit for publication without charges is sufficient consideration and the author has accepted the same in order to benefit from exposure to the audience of iPleaders Blog.