TejaswineeTejaswinee Roychowdhury did her did B.A.LL.B (Hons) from Department of Law, University of Calcutta and is currently practicing as an advocate at Kolkata High court. She is currently pursuing the MA in Business Law course from NUJS. Over her, she shares why she chose to do an online course in business law after completing her LLB and her experience with the course so far. Over to Tejaswinee:

When I was interning at Sinha and Co., the senior there told me about NLSIU MBL Course. So when I searched for that one, its syllabus structure disappointed me and I started looking for other options. That’s when I came across NUJS MA in Business Laws course and found its syllabus structure more suited to my needs.

When I looked at the course content, I found the specialization in Intellectual Property and Cyber Law which is a unique mix which is not being offered by any other institution.  Since I have a keen interest in Intellectual Property Rights and I believe this combination of IPR and Cyber Law will be very useful for me, I decided to enroll for the course.

The course content and modules have been designed in a way which makes them very helpful. The B.A. LL.B. (Hons) is mostly theory based and we are hardly introduced to the practicality of law practice. However, this course focuses on the practical aspects and I feel that is really helpful.  Even learning on the job sometimes cannot teach you everything because you need to be working in a particular field to learn about it on the job.  For example, I have never been to a Consumer Tribunal for any case; however, the module on Consumer Laws helped me learn a lot because it is very practical in nature.

The writing assignments prompt an extensive research in the respective areas and that is very helpful for someone like me who would eventually like to go into research. I hope the course continues to offer these benefits until the very end.

I would definitely recommend this course to lawyers, entrepreneurs, engineers and IT professionals who are dealing with intellectual property and cyber world.



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