Are you a law student interested in becoming an Assistant Editor of India’s most read legal blog? Then this is your opportunity.

editor wanted

As iPleaders blog has rapidly grown in terms of content and reach in the last one year, we are now looking to take up to 6 Assistant Editors. These are unpaid editorial positions though there may be certain perks involved for high performers. Certificates will be issued on successfully completing 1 year of tenure as an Assistant Editor.

Responsibilities of the Assistant Editor:

  1. Editing up to 4-5 articles every month
  2. Writing at least 2 legal articles every month of publishable quality
  3. Help us to plan how to take the blog to new heights of glory


  1. A law student from any recognized law college
  2. With an interest in legal blogging and writing
  3. Perfect written English, no grammatical or language errors. Also, we discourage writing in fancy or flowery English.
  4. Good editing skills

Selection procedure:

  1. Send us your CV along with at least two original and unpublished articles
  2. If we find the articles to be of publishable quality, with no plagiarism and correct legal position, we will call you for a telephonic interview. If we are satisfied with the interview, we will select you to be an Assistant Editor.
  3. Please write in simple language, no complex ornamental or jargonistic writing will be entertained.

How will this help you in your career:

  1. Writing skills are most important for a lawyer. As an Assistant Editor you will not only get to write on legal issues yourself, but also edit the writing of others, therefore improving your own writing skills by leaps and bounds. You will be able to write in a way that instantly appeals to your audience.
  2. You will have much better knowledge of contemporary legal issues compared to your peers. You will be able to have engaging conversations with practitioners around these issues, and you can expect to surprise them with your sophisticated understanding.
  3. You will get a valuable certificate indicating that you served as an Assistant Editor on a blog that is read by millions of people around the world every year.
  4. Law firms and lawyers have started to realize the potential of legal blogging. They will appreciate your skills and knowledge of blogging in the future when you apply for jobs and internships.
  5. You will become a part of the iPleaders ecosystem, and will have help available from our team whenever you need it in your career.

Apply right away, with your CV and two original unpublished articles of at least 1500 words each, by sending these to ramanuj attherate

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