top 10 law firm websites in India

In this blog post, Raka Paul, pursuing a Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws from NUJS, Kolkata, describes top 10 law firm websites in India.

Law Firm Websites

With the advent of the digital age and rise of social media in this century, the importance of online websites has increased drastically. A major section of consumers looks for legal aid online. As a result, the design, the information and analytics present in a particular website play a vital role in forming an impression on a potential client.

The following article consists of the Top 10 Law Firm websites in India. All the rankings are based on the in-depth research of the individual law firm websites and their individual rankings on (an online analyst of the digital market).

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The presence of these essential pages has been considered while categorizing the websites:

  1. Attorney Profile/About page
  2. FAQ page
  3. Practice Areas page
  4. Special Offer page
  5. Contact page
  6. Client Testimonials page
  7. Blog page[1]

Without further ado, here are the top ten:-

  • Nishith Desai Associates is the first law firm website which has the top most ranking on (30,710 country rank). It has all the pages that must be essentially present in a Legal website. It puts forth information regarding its individual branches with embedded geo-locations, making it very easy for the client to track the address of the office he seeks to go to.

The detailed information provided, along with various articles, blogs, and access to verified contact, makes the website very impressive and user-friendly. It has an online traffic of 90.09% over desktops and mobile apps.[2]

  •  Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan Attorneys
  1. is one of the second law firm websites with a country rank of 47,982 and a traffic of 18.10K over the past 6 months.
  2. It consists of a detailed About page, news & publications page, contact page, articles & blogs page.
  3. It has embedded links directing to the individual websites of their different offices, located in different countries.
  4. The website analytics undoubtedly makes it attractive and user-friendly and it would attract a huge clientele.
  5. It also provides a choice of availing the information in two different languages, thus, increasing its ambit of reach on its potential clientele.
  • Luthra & Luthra Law Offices
  1. is one of the third law firm websites which has a country rank of 78,284 and 81.94% online-traffic.
  2. It provides detailed information about the Firm’s achievements: “Who they are, What they do, The company they keep”.
  3. The website also extends out to its Alumni through the page “Our extended family”, giving them personal access.
  4. The varied articles are very edifying and the presentations can be downloaded for future reference by any potential client.

All in all, the website has all the important pages required to form a good first impression on a potential client.

  •  Kochhar & co.
  1. website has a country rank of 101,006 and 8.80K online traffic.
  2. The website has the following pages: about us, people, practice areas, awards, offices, publications, news & events.
  3. The detailed information about the Attorneys, the publications and the gallery of photographic information makes the website very attractive and user-friendly.
  4. Also, the window of news and events keeps people updated about the Firm’s recent activities and contributions.
  •  Trilegal
  1. website has a country rank 108,900 and 6.90K online traffic over the last 6 months.
  2. The Disclaimer page informs the clientele about the rules and regulations applicable.
  3. It has a search bar through which one can get information about specific attorneys and associates working at Trilegal.
  4. It has all the essential pages necessary to make the website user-friendly and informative. They are – People, Practice areas, Office, Publications, and Careers.
  5. This website also has embedded geo-locations of their offices, situated in different locations.
  • Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & co

Though website does not have any of the essential pages required to make it visually attractive and user-friendly, subject to the Bar Council Rules, it is one of the most visited law firm websites, with a country rank of 115,811 and an online traffic rate of 94.48%.

It is a one-page website which provides verified contact information of its various offices. Any person interested in availing legal aid may use the provided contact information for further enquiries.

  •  JSA Law
  1. is one of the seventh ranking law firm websites with a country rank of 128,602 and an online traffic rate of 74.18%.
  2. It has the following pages: Home, Who we are, What we do, Our people, Publications, Careers, Contact.
  3. With the detailed information about the various aspects of law that they deal with and relevant publications on it, the website creates a user-friendly portal for any potential clientele.
  4. It also consists of verified contact information and any interested person may avail legal aid using them.
  5. The design of the website, along with the color combinations and graphics makes it very attractive and appealing to the eyes. Even the individual profiles of the Attorneys along with their photo identities makes it very easy for a potential client to identify the person he seeks to avail help from.

All in all, this website has all the attributes of a good legal website.

  •  Khaitan & co
  1. has a country rank of 147,967 and an online traffic rate of 51.75% over the past 6 months. It is the eighth most visited law firm websites in India.
  2. The website design is graphically very well represented and it has the following pages: About us, Practice areas, people, publications, contact. It also gives additional information about the Alumni of the firm and the careers.
  3. All the pages have a very detailed information about the various Attorneys of the firm, the different legal aspects that they deal with and their contact information. The publications also provide additional knowledge to all the potential clients who access the website.

Visually the website is undoubtedly attractive. Additionally, its features make it user-friendly too.

  • Vaish Associates Advocates
  1. has a country rank of 148,159 and an online traffic rate of 76.17% over the past 6 months on It may be ranked the eighth among the top most law firm websites in India. The website has very soothing colors and the design makes it very easily accessible and comprehensible by any potential client, who may visit the website for availing legal aid.
  2. It has the following pages with all the detailed information about the firm: Home, Services, Key people, Publications, Newsletter, Career, and Contact. All the information provided gives a detailed insight into the working of the firm and about the people who are involved in its working.

Thus, it makes the clientele aware of every detailed aspect that there is.

  • Fox Mandal
  1. has a country rank of 172,616 and an online traffic rate of 79.74% on similarweb.
  2. It has the following pages: Home, About us, Expertise, Publications, CSR, Alumni, Training, and Download. The window for download allows the clientele to download the brochure of the firm and information regarding its investment in three different languages. This increases the ambit of the potential clients. Also, all the publications and the information on CSR, along with the art gallery, makes the website very attractive and informative.
  3. Visually too, the colors are not monotonous and hence it would keep the clientele engaged. It provides a detailed insight into the working of the firm and all contact information is readily available for the client to access.


Undoubtedly, these law firm websites are redefining the way people look up to the law profession and it’s making law accessible to each & every corner.

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[1] – “The 7 Most Important Pages on a Law Firm Website”


  1. This Law Firm Websites in India Redefining Legal Service in Modern Era lists are really helpful, I really loved reading this article, keep on sharing such informative articles and sharing more article.


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