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This article is written by Anshal Dhiman, pursuing BA.LLB (Hons.). The article presents a list of 100 legal professionals on Twitter who are a great follow for anyone related to law.


Social media is a fascinating place, isn’t it? Connecting with people outside our physical reach has become so much easier with social media. It started off as a fun place to connect with our friends who are not physically close to us due to geographical reasons, but in the last decade or so, social media has taken a professional turn too. Professionals from different fields and areas have taken to social media to promote themselves, or their businesses, or their fields, in a positive way. In recent times we can also notice some businesses which have started on social media through platforms like Twitter, Instagram etc. All these have had a positive effect on their businesses and the people they are trying to reach through these platforms. In this article, we will talk about some lawyers or legal professionals whom you should follow on the platform, mainly because of the content that they post, which might be helpful for both students and fresh professionals who are just starting off their careers in the legal field.

Twitter for legal professionals

Twitter is a crazy social media platform in itself. When it started, it was used mostly by celebrities and influential characters who shared great popularity amongst the masses. In recent times it has been used by people around the world for various purposes. It has been a political hotspot with people fighting over their ideologies and backing their favoured politicians and political celebrities from trolls on the platform.

Not all lawyers in India have a soft spot for Twitter and see it as a distraction, not all of them share the view. Twitter is not really the most professional platform on the internet, a reason which might keep orthodox legal professionals away from it. But it is surely one of the most convenient social media platforms out there since platforms like Facebook and Instagram are used by people to share funny stuff and promote fashion brands, something legal professionals would not want to be involved in if they are to share their practical experiences of the field. LinkedIn is a good platform for professionals, but some of its features are paid, which restricts it to only those who can afford to pay for a social media platform, and this group of people is not very crowded at least at present in our country. 

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Other platforms become irrelevant in front of these platforms since they enjoy huge market shares in the social media field. It is noticeable that Twitter is the only viable option left for those selected legal professionals who’d want to share their wisdom with upcoming lawyers or legal professionals. In the next section of the article, I have mentioned 100 lawyers/legal professionals who are active on Twitter and are a great account to follow. It must be noticed that in no sense does this article compare any lawyer, it just talks about those accounts which impart great legal wisdom that should be heard by young aspirants. Also, the list is in no particular order, the numbers do not in any way rank those accounts.

So, here is the list:

  1. Derek Khanna

        Tech lawyer and expert in tech policies

        Active on Twitter since 2010

        Has written for the Washington Post, Forbes and the Guardian

        Forbes 30/30

        Currently working on public policies and legal help for tech companies and businesses

  1. Gautam Bhatia

        Forbes 30/30

        Constitutional law expert

        Active writer or legal policies and politics

        Also posts frequently about science fiction

  1. Paul O’ Connell

        Reader in law at School of Oriental and African Studies, London (University of London)

        Actively posting about Marxism and law

        Frequent posts about communism

        Human rights and social movements

  1. Umut Ozsu

        Assistant professor at Carleton University, Law and Legal studies

        Political Science professor at McMaster University and York University

        Active about social issues on twitter

        Research interests lying around issues related to “Humanity” (Also the name of his next book)

  1. Nimer Sultany

        Reader in Law at School of Oriental and African Studies, London (University of London)

        Active about international law matters

        Active in issues relating to Palestine and Israel

  1. Ajay Thomas

        Advocate and independent arbitrator

        Vice-Chairman of ICC’s India Arbitration Group

        Teaching International commercial arbitration at Indian Society of International Law (ISIL), New Delhi

        Good mentor for aspiring legal professionals

  1. Vijaya Gadde

        Head of Legal, Policy, Trust, and safety at Twitter

        On board of Guardant Health and Mercy Corps

        Founding partner of #Angels

        Important figure to follow because of her highly responsible job

  1. Smith Ouma

        Health law and land law

        Researcher at Cardiff (University) School of Law

        Recipient of the Vice Chancellor’s International Research Excellence Scholarship.

  1. Ambreena Manji

        Feminist lawyer

        Expert in land law

        Active about urban land law issues

        Active about African issues

  1. Jayne Reardon

        Executive Director of IL Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism

        Advocate for civility

        Actively posting on legal developments

        Named 2021 Legal Rebel by ABA

  1. Sajai Singh

        Chair of IBA Technology law committee

        Commercial/corporate lawyer

        Vice-President of the International Technology Lawyers Association

  1. Susan Hackett

        CEO of Legal Executive Leadership

        Actively posting about corporate issues

        Working for advancement of legal and operational value in legal departments

  1. Rick Hasen

         Professor of Law and Political Science at UC Irvine

        Actively posting about election laws

        Runs a blog about election law

  1. Urfan Khaliq

        Head at School of Law and Politics at Cardiff University

        Expert of European laws

        Active posts about international matters

        Great account to get deep insights into international law issues

  1. Filippo Zatti

        Economic Law professor at ‘Università degli Studi di Firenze

        Scientific Coordinator at BABEL

        Individual fellow member at European Law Institute

        Active posts about economic law issues in Europe and Italy in particular

        Good follow for corporate law aspirants

  1. Didier Reynders

        EU Commissioner for Justice

        Advocate for consumer protection

        Former Prime Minister, Defense Minister, Finance Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister of Belgium

        Great account because of their vast experience in the field of law and politics

  1. Christoph Busch

        Professor of law at Osnabruck University

        Visiting member of Information Society Project at Yale Law School

        Founder of Journal of European Consumer and Market Law

        Expert Group on Platform Economy at European Commission

  1. Catherine Reach

        Director of Center for Practice Management at the North Carolina Bar Association

        Active writer and teacher on legal management

        Legal Consultant

        Advocate of technological advancements in the legal field

  1. Nora Riva Bergman

        Great motivational twitter account

        Must follow for aspirants who want to have their own law firm

        Not a typical lawyer account on twitter

        Advocate of positive mental health

  1. Marc Chapdelaine

        AV rated practicing trial and litigation lawyer

        SuperLawyer list 2009-2020

  1. Eric M. Matheny

        Prosecutor in Miami state of the USA

        Presently Criminal defense lawyer

        20 Best Miami Criminal Defense Lawyers”

        Posting active case details

        Helpful for criminal law students

  1. Bob Amrogi

        Legal Journalist

        Legal tech lawyer

        Podcast at

        Positive personality to follow

  1. Bill Henderson

        Professor of legal profession at Indiana University

        Stephen F. Burns chair board on Indian University

        Editor of Legal Evolution journal

  1. Jean Clauson

        Director of Network Relations at ARA legal insurance, USA

        Legal industry advocate

        Insurance expert

        Dog lover ( for the dog enthusiasts out there)

  1. Amanda Brown

        Young lawyer, updated about new trends in the teens

        ED at Lagniappe Law Lab

  1. Karuna Nundy

        Advocate at the Supreme Court of India

        Expert on constitutional matters

        Advocate of gender equality

        Expert at the Columbia University

  1. Jasper Teulings

        Climate activist, lawyer by profession

        Advocate of Earth rights

        Member of Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF)

  1. Kapil Chaudhary

        Technology lawyer

        Currently working on AI Ethics

        Active blogs at

        Legal tech enthusiast

  1. Sanya Talwar

        Editor at Law beat India

        Expert on POSH act

        Active on social media, regular updates from the apex court of India

  1. Sparsh Upadhyay

        Legal journalist at LiveLaw India

        Regular updates on Indian Government orders and actions

  1. Anushka Jain

        Advocate for Right to information

        Advocate of freedom of speech and expression

  1. Payal Chawla

        Founder of JusContactUs

        Advocate of gender equality

        Regularly writing about legal issues

  1. Indira Jaising

        Advocate at the Supreme Court of India

        Human rights activist

        Named 20th in 50 greatest leaders of the world by Forbes

  1. Vrinda Bhandari

        Human rights and Criminal Justice lawyer

        Legal tech enthusiast, advocate of right to privacy

        Promoter of Internet Freedom for individuals

  1. Shashank Shekhar Jha

        Legal editor at Goa Chronicle


        Actively posting about social causes

        Right wing political compass

  1. Hardik S. Desai

        Civil Judge/ Judicial Magistrate

        Active on matters relating to law and history

        Keen about literature

  1. Farah Khan

        Lawyer in Delhi

        Active posts about issues relating to Jammu and Kashmir

        Active blogs and posts on Quora

  1. Aishwarya Bhati

        Advocate at the Supreme Court of India

        Regular updates and learning material for upcoming legal professionals

  1. Sajan Poovayya

        Senior Advocate at the Supreme Court of India

  1. Anup Surendranath

        Executive Director of Project 39-A

        Criminal Justice and Constitutional Law teacher at NLU Delhi

        Member of Advisory Council at Bonavero Institute of Human Rights

  1. Vikram Hegde

        Advocate at the Supreme Court of India

  1. Charu Mathur

        Advocate at the Supreme Court of India

        Good account to follow for law students to get regular insights into contemporary legal matters

  1. Gaurav Bhatia

        Senior Advocate at the Supreme Court of India

        Spokesperson for BJP

        Additional Advocate general UP

  1. Mangla Verma


        Regular updates on Socio-political issues

  1. Jayna Kothari

        Constitution lawyer and expert

        Director of Centre for Law and Policy Research

        Active on social issues

  1. Tanvi Dubey

        Advocate at the Supreme Court of India

        Updates from various high courts as well as the apex court of India as well

  1. Shakti Pandey

        Advocate at the Supreme Court of India

        Active tweets about legal as well as political issues

  1. Jayant Mudgal

        Advocate at the Supreme Court and Delhi High Court

  1. Chere Estrin

        Chairperson at Organization of Legal Professionals (OLP)

        CEO, Estrin legal staffing

        CEO MediSums

        Active blogger

  1. Bryan A. Garner

        Editor in Chief, Black’s Law Dictionary

        American lawyer and lexicographer

        Useful posts for fresh law students and laymen to understand legal terms

  1. Allison Shields

        Legal writer and blogger; lawyer

        Useful account for young lawyers

  1. Mehrsa Baradaran

        Law Professor at UC Irvine School of Law

        Active posts about racial issues

  1. Stephen Dilliard

        Appellate court judge

        Presiding judge of court of appeals of Georgia

  1. Melissa Murray

        Professor at New York University of Law

        Director of Birnbaum Women’s Leadership Network

        “Strict Scrutiny” podcast; Guest talking head at MSNBC

  1. Deborah Archer

        Professor at New York University of Law

        Director of RaceNYU

        President of ACLU NGO

  1. William Baude

        Professor at Chicago University of Law

        Expert in US Constitution

        Occasional judgment blog on SumJudgment

  1. Sukti Dhital

        New York University of law

        Executive Director, Bernstein Institute for Human Rights

  1. Chris Morten

        Deputy Director for Technological law and Policy clinic at New York University of law

        Fellow member at NYU Engelberg center and Yale Law University

  1. Lorenzo Zucca

        Law professor at King’s Law School

        Posts about European issues and literature

  1. Santana Dwivedy

        Law professors at JGLS

        Focus on gender equality and Human Rights


  1. Aishwarya Mudgil

        Corporate lawyer in Delhi

  1. Meenakshi Lekhi

        Lawyer; currently member of parliament

        Chairperson of Standing Committee on Public Sector Enterprise

        Active tweets on national issues

  1. Aditi Juneja

        Lawyer and Writer in the US

        Forbes 30/30

        On board of Disability Rights Fund

  1. Erin Collins

        Associate law professor at Richmond Law School

        Former Public defender

        Executive director at Clemency Resource Center

  1. Debra Katz

        Civil rights lawyer

        Women’s Rights activist

        Advocate for social justice

  1. Jeremy Waldron

        Legal professor at New York University

  1. Aparna Chandra

        Associate professor at NLSIU

        Expert on Constitutional law and Human Rights

        Current research focus on Judicial process reform

  1. Sean Edgett

        General Counsel in Twitter

  1. Aditi Singh

        Legal journalist at Bar&Bench

  1. Aisha


        Vocal on issues relating to Kashmir

  1. Tom Mighell

        Information lawyer/consultant

        Technology speaker, writer and blogger


  1. Jeena Cho

        Consumer protection lawyer

        Co-Author of Anxious Lawyer

  1. Daniel W. Linna Junior

        Professor and Director of law and technology at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law

        Promoter of use of AI for legal purposes

        The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics affiliated

  1. Laurence Colletti

        Executive producer of Legal Talk Network

        Attorney in the US

        Expertise in commercial real estate

  1. Aric Press

        Founding partner of PP&C Consulting

        Former editor of the American lawyer

  1. Alison Frankel

        Legal writer at Reuters

        Commenter on Corporate litigation

  1. Nina Totenberg

        Legal affairs correspondent at National Public Radio

  1. Jeffrey Toobin

        Legal Analyst for The New Yorker and the CNN


  1. Jared Correia

        CEO Red Cave Legal

        COO Gideon legal

        Columnist at ATL and ALM Media


  1. Dan Pinnington

        President and CEO of LawPRO

        Area of expertise in litigation

  1. Carolyn Elefant

        Property law expert

        Blogger at

  1. Chrissie Scelsi

        Video game and IP lawyer

        Good follow for PC game nerds who are studying law

        Co-editor of Computer Games & Immersive Entertainment

  1. Gloria Allred

        Founding Partner of Allred, Maroko, and Goldberg

        Advocate of civil rights

  1. Jonathan Turley

        Legal analyst and lawyer in Print journalism

        Professor of law at George Washington University School of Law

  1. Saurabh Kirpal

        LGBT rights activist

        Author of “Sex and the Supreme Court”

  1. Aman Wadud

        Human Rights Lawyer

         Working for the rights of people of citizenship

  1. Teng Biao

        Human rights lawyer

        Vocal about Chinese issues

        Social activist

  1. Shoaib M Khan

        Human Rights lawyer

        Media commenter

        Solicitor Advocate in the UK

  1. Sital Kalantary

        Law Professor at Cornell University


        Expert on abortion and surrogacy laws

  1. Michael Sevel

        Senior lecturer in Jurisprudence

        Expert in maritime law

  1. Ted Boustrous

         Media law attorney in LA

        Expert in Company litigation

        Appellate practice

  1. Daniel Goldman

         Majority counsel in the impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump

        Serving as Congressional staff in the US House of representatives

  1. Betsy Ginsberg

        Professor of law at Cardozo law school

        Expert in civil rights and prisoner’s rights

        Director of Civil Rights clinic at Cardozo

  1. Dan Farbman

        Constitutional law professor at Boston College of Law

        Teacher of social change and history

  1. M.A Rashid

        Founder of LiveLaw

        Author RatanLal Dhiraj Lal IPC

  1. Jennipha

        Advocate of Human Rights

        Promoter of Gender Equality, Universal Education

        UN SDG

  1. Sheila M. Blackford

        Practice management advisor at Oregon state bar

         author of the ABA book “Trust Accounting in One Hour For Lawyers”

  1. Daniel Lat

        Founder of Above The Law

        LGBT Rights activist

        Author of “Supreme Ambitions”

  1. Kelly Erb

        Tax attorney

        “Tax Girl” Podcast

  1. Nicole Black

        Legal Technology lawyer, journalist and author

        Expertise in litigation.


These are a hundred odd legal accounts that you might want to follow to gain better insights into their worlds, and hopefully learn a few things for yourself too. As mentioned above the list is in no particular order and the numbers are there just to make it systematic and not to rank those involved in the list in any way.

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