If you have been following the Aadhaar case, you must know by now that one of the Petitioner’s counsels, Senior Advocate, Mr. Shyam Divan is relentlessly fighting for the way the entire Aadhaar project has been implemented. On day 5 of the hearing Mr. Divan emphasized on 3 main arguments:

  1. Data Retention
  2. Denial by UIDAI of surveillance or tracking
  3. Good governance and rule of law

Mr. Shyam Divan on day 5 was as usual packed with some mind-boggling statements which can make anyone give a second thought about Aadhaar. Here are top 11 statements from Mr. Shyam Divan which are strong, powerful and immensely compelling :

#1 The repercussions of availability of communal/geogrophical data

#2 Potential targetting of the individuals

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#3 Destruction of privacy rights

#4 Real-time mass surveillance

#5 Surveillance being the core of the case

#6 Mr. Divan on concentration of power in the hands of the government

#7 Mr. Divan on Aadhaar enabling surveillance

#8 Mr. Divan on invasion of privacy through surveillance

#9 Mr. Divan quoted Gandhi and said, “fingerprints were taken from criminals and this amounts to degradation”

#10 Mr. Divan on the requirement mandated by the government to identify yourself in only one manner and prerequisite of that procedure to require you to provide biometrics.

#11 Mr. Divan on individual and collective dignity.

Mr. Divan is undoubtedly one of the best lawyers and can be called a crusader for civil rights. After the privacy judgment, Aadhaar judgment whether in favor or against, will have a great impact on Indian legal scenario. It will be interesting to track the developments and everything that is going to unfold in the coming days. Stay tuned for more such updates on our facebook, twitter and blog https://blog.ipleaders.in/ 

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