This article is written by Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO, LawSikho.

Since we have increased our prices in May, I got a lot of emails and calls from people who are upset and wanted to enrol but are finding it difficult to enrol. Not all of them are complaining, but just saying that they can’t enroll because they can’t afford it and will enroll in future.

This is something that bothers me a lot. I was a poor student myself once upon a time. I studied on a student loan. While I believe in creating high value, premium products that deliver results and personal attention and therefore need to be exclusive and well-priced, I do not want people who are in a financially difficult place in life to miss out on the opportunity if it is relevant to them.

Especially because once you learn new skills with practical application, your financial situation can change very fast. One good job. One long term client. One deal can make a difference.

So I spoke to NIRA Finance (a fintech company that has an MoU with us for financing our students for online courses) again, and got you a special code: NIRLAW. It will be valid only till end of May. After 31st May the code will expire.

If you want 0% finance scheme, for enrolling in any of our courses until 31st May, and want to pay for the course fee over the next 12 months in EMIs, now you can get the same. Simply go to NIRA finance website, sign up for a loan, and put in the code NIRLAW. 

Also drop us a mail and let us know so we can follow up with the financier. 

They require that you apply in name of someone who has a job with a salary of at least 15,000 per month and having a job for at least the last 6 months. Self employed lawyers, therefore, need to apply in name of someone in the family or a friend who may have a job. If the applicant has a credit score, it has to be more than 671. 

So use this opportunity, available till the end of this month, to get 0% finance for any course you want to do from LawSikho and pay in EMI over 6 months or 12 months, as you wish.

If you don’t qualify for NIRA finance though, we can’t help. We are not a finance company and not in a position to give loans and run a collection agency, forgive us for that.

Also note that if you don’t put the code NIRLAW you will get a loan but not at 0%, you will be charged interest! Just reply to this mail and let us know if you are applying for a loan so that we can follow up with NIRA and avoid any mistake.

I hope all those who are being stopped from taking our various courses, will not be stopped any further. 

Before you ask, yes, this applies to Master Access also, but just a handful of seats are left and I am getting lots of enquiries about it, so act fast because getting the loan sanctioned etc may take a couple of days, and I am not sure that Master Access seats will be available for so long.

Our premium courses in which you can enroll right now

How much will you have to pay in EMI? Simple: divide the amount by 12. That’s all.

Remember, this is available only till 31st May. 


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