Read to Ponder

This blog post focuses on small rules of living well that we often end up ignoring. We sometimes lose out on taste because we have too much in our plate. Read to ponder.

Read to Ponder

It takes less time to do anything when you give it your undivided attention

You are sitting with the book open in front of you, are you reading it? no,, you want to go out and chat a bit with your friend. And you are listening to music as well. We all know that listening to the music, opening new browsers and files on the laptop, or answering calls in between is going to take away from your attention, almost always fatally. Still we tend to ignore the effect of those calls, the browsers, the music playing on your headphone. We say “Its ok, big deal, I’ll get the work done anyway even if I play music”. Those of us who will figure out how to avoid this phenomenon will be miles ahead of everyone else in terms of output.
I will be able to finish this blog post in less time if I don’t open other windows in between to check emails or think about my presentations scheduled for tomorrow.

Set deadlines and parameters for yourself and for others

People always manage expectations better when you lay down the expectation in clear terms. “Do a Good Job” – is not an instruction anyone can follow, unless you want to give them flexibility to do what they think is good, which may be very different from what you think is good. The same applies to time – what is soon enough for you may be very late for me.
Take the famous example of law school projects, everyone conveniently ignores the projects till the deadlines do not come into the scene which forces people to take think about the parameters. Also, deadlines work. Set deadlines for yourselves as well as others. Set your own deadline before others do it to you.

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Set forth your action plan according to your goals

Whatever you are doing is generally, and should be, guided by your aim. Your aim can be anything. In law school, your aim can be to have all the fun you can. Then your action can possibly include watching all the series of Friends in your laptop or partying every weekend or maybe all you want is a good job, so you prefer to study every day and everything that is taught in class.
Have a vision on your mind, a higher goal that will motivate your action. You can start with the old, time-battered question: what do you want to do after 5 years in law school?
Or this one is better: What would you want to do if you had no limitations and restrictions and you could do whatever you wanted to do?
Or this one: What is the thing you’ll regret not doing the most if you were going to die today? Or next week?



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