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Injury work lawyers, also known as personal injury lawyers, can help you obtain fair and just justice for any work-related injuries. While there are laws that every company should follow to ensure their workers’ safety, some accidents in the workplace may happen. Therefore, it results in your inability to work for a day or more. Some even became disabled due to the seriousness of the injury. Thus, you may need to call your personal injury lawyer in the following scenarios:

1. You have been injured at work

No matter how severe your injury is concerning your job, it’s best to call a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Even if it’s not your fault, workplace injuries can sometimes become a complicated case, especially if accompanied by the following scenarios at your workplace in Ottawa. If you’re unsure what types of workplace injury require by Ottawa lawyers, here are some of them: 

  • Emotional and Psychological Trauma: Unknown to many, emotional and psychological trauma is categorized as a workplace injury. This results from workplace abuse or discrimination due to the employee’s religion, sexual orientation, race, or gender. Others may develop stress-related disorders due to high-stress or extremely hazardous jobs.
  • Chronic Exposure Conditions: One of the best examples of this injury is employees being exposed to asbestos. Many of them developed life-threatening health problems is mesothelioma which can disable workers. Similarly, other high-risk jobs involving exposure to toxic substances may injure you if you don’t use appropriate protective and safety equipment. 
  • Repetitive Motion Injuries: This type of injury results from doing one specific movement over and over. For instance, carpal tunnel syndrome comes from typing on a keyboard for long periods. As a result, they may not be able to continue typing for some time. 
  • Falls and Other Traumatic Injuries: Falls from defective scaffoldings or ladders are common in many factory and construction areas. Unfortunately, falling from the high ground may cause death, permanent paralysis, or internal injuries. 

2. Your insurance or employer denies it happened at work

In addition to your workplace injury, hire a reputable personal injury attorney when your insurance provider or employer denies such a thing happened. Especially when you didn’t immediately report slight damage, your employer may not acknowledge it when it worsens. 

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For instance, even a simple slip and fall may result in a more severe injury as days go by. Thus, it’s advisable that you immediately inform your employer about it, seek medical attention, and consult your personal injury lawyer. 

That way, you can prevent it from worsening as physicians can immediately remedy it. Or when it becomes worse, you have the evidence that you have informed your employer of such. You’ll need it in case you need to file a lawsuit or claim. 

3. You need to negotiate with insurers

As mentioned, an injury may cause you to miss work, resulting in loss of income. With such, you may need to file claims. 

However, it may be difficult to negotiate with insurers that can cause delay on your claim. Or they may attempt to decrease the value of your claims. Worse, they may deny that the injury is work-related. 

Don’t give up if this is what you’re experiencing. Instead, talk to your lawyer and inform them of the matter. If you’re worried about the lawyer’s fees, you can find many personal injury attorneys offering contingency fee agreements. This means you’ll only pay them a percentage of your claims after winning your case. 

Thus, an expert in negotiating these matters is required, so you can get the compensation you deserve. 

4. Your employer retaliates for demanding employee compensation

Sometimes, demanding compensation in accordance with Employees Compensation Act against an irate or denial employer may negatively impact how the latter treats you. Some hit you back by reducing your work hours, lowering your salary, or demoting your position. Much even worse is when the employer fires you, not because you’re incapable of working, but because of your claims. 

In this matter, a personal injury lawyer has the knowledge and expertise to get your just and fair compensation. You can get help filing a case and claims against such harassment, not only for the injury. 

This battle may be overwhelming if you’re doing it without the help of a professional. You may even lose your claim or case because you may not know how to fight against your employer correctly. 

Don’t let this happen. You deserve the proper compensation to help you pay medical bills and sustain your daily needs. 


You’re lucky if your employer or insurer gives you the proper compensation you deserve. But if they don’t, then you need an injury work lawyer. From assisting to negotiating with your insurers, your attorney can significantly help you. While you may not have avoided an accident, you have the right to demand claims. Contact a lawyer near you and get a free consultation.

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