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Gujarat National Law University (GNLU) is a university established by the Government of Gujarat under the Gujarat National Law University Act, 2003. GNLU aims to advance and disseminate the learning and knowledge of law and enhance their role in national development, to instil in students and the research scholars a sense of responsibility to serve the society by developing skills in advocacy, legal services, legislation drafting, parliamentary practices and law reforms. It also strives to make law and legal processes a more efficient instrument of social development and promote inter-disciplinary study of law in relation to management, technology, international cooperation and development. The University provides a platform for the holistic development of a student on various fronts – academics, personality, ethics, sports, leadership, with a sense of responsibility and obligation as a harbinger of change in the society.

Since its inception, the University has been holding in-house Moot Court competitions regularly, after which meritorious students are selected to participate in national and international Moot Court Competitions. With a view to foster research in different streams of law and to encourage analysis pertaining to the practical implications of law, the University organises various academic events, including two moot court competitions – the GNLU International Moot Court Competition (GIMC) and the GNLU Moot on Securities and Investment Law (GNLUMSIL).


After launching GIMC and ensuring its success as a leading moot court competition on International Trade Law, the University has established a platform for discourse on Securities and Investment Law in the form of GNLUMSIL, which presents new interpretative challenges and opens up avenues for young professionals.

The Indian financial sector has become increasingly globalized and interwoven with the world markets, which has posed significant challenges to India’s regulation. These markets are vital to the growth, development and strength of an economy and are central to financial risk management. The GNLU Moot on Securities and Investment Law was conceived as a by-product of this globalization of markets, and was envisaged as a platform for law students to present and hone their advocacy skills.

Since its inception in 2015, GNLUMSIL has garnered praise for filling a void in the Indian mooting arena by providing an opportunity for research and student advocacy in the field of Securities and Investment law, thus serving as a stepping stone into this practice. In a short span, the moot came to establish itself as a platform for brilliant minds to parley and learn more about the subject, witnessing 26, 30 and 44 teams vie for the top spot in the first, second and third editions respectively. With its focus on such a niche area of law, GNLUMSIL hunts for and brings in the best legal minds on the subject to judge the moot, making it an exhilarating experience for the participants.

The 3rd edition of GNLUMSIL was successfully organized in collaboration with the Bombay Stock Exchange- Investors’ Protection Fund, Finsec Law Advisors, Suvan Law Advisors, Lex Witness, and SCC Online and witnessed enthusiastic participation from 44 teams from across the country. The 3rd edition saw GNLUMSIL up the ante and successfully display its progress in terms of both legal and academic standards by affording higher levels of distinction in terms of the prizes awarded, the standard of adjudication and partnership with distinguished individuals belonging to the legal fraternity. The competition saw brilliant performances from 44 teams from various universities and colleges across India.

4th GNLU Moot on Securities and Investment Law 2018

GNLUMSIL 2018 provides the participants with an opportunity to develop key understanding of SEBI Rules and Regulations, other ancillary rules and regulations and apply the same. With a brilliant set of judges, the participants are further encouraged by their experience and are provided with feedback on how to improve their research as well as mooting skills. Given the growing interest of young professionals and students across the country in the field of Indian capital markets and our goal of facilitating the discourse around the subject, Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar cordially invites you to the 4th edition of GNLUMSIL, scheduled to be held from September 6-9, 2018.

GNLU promises to make GNLUMSIL 2018 one of the most sought-after mooting events in the Indian mooting calendar, and a progressive step towards building a prolific knowledge base in this niche area of law. The Organising Committee strives to make GNLUMSIL a comfortable and fruitful experience for the participating teams by providing excellent hospitality and offers access to various facilities offered by GNLU including our world-class library which houses resources and materials on various fields of law and access to various online legal research databases like Manupatra, Westlaw and SCC Online.


The Winners and Runners-up of the 4th edition along with other prizes will receive cash prizes of INR 50,000 and INR 25,000 respectively. Cash prizes and other awards will also be handed out to the Best Orator (Final Rounds), the Best Orator (Preliminary Rounds), the Best Memorial and the Best Researcher.

Venue: Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

Important Dates

  • Last day for provisional registration: June 1, 2018.
  • Last day for registration and completion of all formalities: July 16, 2018.
  • Last day to apply for clarifications regarding the Moot Problem: June 30, 2018.
  • Clarifications, if any, to be published: July 10, 2018.
  • Last day for submitting the soft copy of the Written Submission: August 15, 2018.
  • Last day for submitting the hard copy of the Written Submission: August 21, 2018.


Important Links

The Revised Official Schedule of the Competition is available here.

The Registration Form for the moot is available here.

The Moot Problem is available here.

The Rules of the Competition are available here.

For more information, please visit our official website, https://www.gnlu.ac.in/gmsil/home or our Facebook page .


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