Car accidents happen unexpectedly, and if such an unfortunate event occurs, do you know what you need to do after the collision? 

Unfortunately, because of the adrenaline rush and extreme state of panic, most drivers may not know how to properly address the accident legally, affecting their claims. That’s why it’s important to know the essential information that will protect your rights.  

However, even if you know what to do, it may not go as successfully as you think if you fight for your case alone, especially in handling insurance companies. Therefore, it would be beneficial for you and your case to hire a personal injury lawyer who will explain everything you need to know about your case and do everything to win it.  

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If you’re looking for a lawyer, you may visit or your local law firms. Going back to the topic, here are five legal steps you will need to do immediately after a car accident:

Check everyone’s safety

Safety should be your top priority. The first thing you need to do after a car collision is to assess everyone’s condition. If you have sustained injuries, it would be best to call an ambulance immediately for medical support or call anyone nearby for help.  

Also, because of adrenaline, you may not feel as if you’re suffering from an injury, such as internal bleeding. Therefore, you will need to get yourself assessed by a medical professional. Seeking immediate medical care will not only save you but also ensure your rightful compensation. 

You may use your medical test results as evidence for your claim, therefore strengthening your case. However, you need to make sure that your doctor is on your side. If you fail to follow their instructions and worsen your condition, they might state this in court, reducing the amount you can receive. So, obey them as much as possible.  

Assess the accident scene

After ensuring everyone’s safety, the next thing you need to do is assess the scene. Here are the things you would need to do: 

  • Turn on your emergency lights and hazards so that others will be aware that an accident took place. 
  • If it’s safe to move your car so that others may pass easily, you may do so. However, if it may pose a greater danger, leave it as is, and let the authorities handle it.  
  • Using your smartphone, take photos and videos of the entire accident scene, including all the damages. 

Gather as much evidence from the scene if you can. This is a critical step you may need to do to boost your chances of winning the settlement case should you need to file a legal action someday.

Call the authorities

After the initial steps, the next thing you need to do is call authorities for help. When calling 911, the dispatcher may ask you some questions regarding the incident. When answering the questions, state only relevant information and as much as possible, don’t mention facts you may not be sure of, such as the one responsible for the accident.  

After making the call, the dispatcher will send out police officers immediately to investigate the scene. When they arrive, they will ask questions to everyone included in the accident to create a police report. After that, make sure to have a copy of the report to help your legal team in their investigation. It may not be admissible as evidence in court, but it helps determine which party is at fault.

Gather information

Exchange information with the other party involved in the accident and make sure to get the following important details, such as: 

  • The driver’s full name, address, and contact information 
  • The driver’s insurance company and policy number 
  • The driver’s license and plate number and other details, such as car year of production and model. 

Furthermore, to increase your chances of winning the lawsuit or getting the insurance claim, you, together with your lawyer, will have to collect essential pieces of evidence such as: 

  • Inspection reports regarding the value of all the damages to your vehicle 
  • Police reports 
  • Medical records, including bills, doctor’s notes, list of medications, hospital orders, and other documents from various health professionals involved in treating your injuries 
  • Loss of income records, especially if the accident significantly affected your ability to work. 

If you can’t gather these details because of your injuries, don’t worry, your lawyer may get them for you. But, as much as possible, you need to work with your lawyer to achieve better results for your case.

Hire a lawyer

Hiring a personal injury lawyer is one of the most important things you need to do if you want your case to be as successful as possible. The legal system is full of complex concepts that can be difficult for the general people to understand.  

Also, you don’t have to worry about talking to your insurance companies because your lawyer will do it for you, making sure you receive what’s rightfully yours.  

Furthermore, with the help of your lawyer, you will be able to file a case smoothly, without going over the statute of limitations. With that said, you would have no reason to decline any help from a legal professional.

Final words

Car accidents may leave you with devastating and catastrophic injuries. That’s why the initial steps you would take are crucial in preserving your rights to fair compensation. The first thing you need to do after an accident is to call for medical help. Afterward, you may proceed to call authorities and gather information. 

However, it might be impossible to win a lawsuit all by yourself. Therefore, you need to hire a lawyer who knows all the legal proceedings and will fight for you. So, to achieve better results for your case, call your local personal injury lawyer and start preparing for your legal battle.  

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