Lawyers need video converters in some very specific situations. We have told you 6 such situations so you can be mentally prepared ahead of time. Read through, and you will know where to head next time when you need to convert your videos securely and reliably for evidence grade videos!

What is a Video Converter?

A video converter is software or app available both on the internet and offline, that helps one convert the format of a video, thereby making it more compatible to devices. For example, using a video converter, a file can be changed from a .mp4 file to a .avi file or to an audio (.mp3) file. A good video converter is fast, easy to use and reliable.

Why do you need a video converter?


Compression of videos

A lawyer may want to compress a video file for several reasons.

  • To establish an impressive profile as a lawyer, it is always a good idea to make your presence felt in the digital world. Making one’s own personal website is one such way to flag your presence on the internet. An impressive personal website will have things like the lawyer’s CV, the best of his/her writing, coupled with introductory videos to his work and areas of expertise. This goes the same for a law firm. An introductory video of the firm on its website will make it all the more impressive and might help in attracting more clients. Technological advancement can never be unimpressive, whatever the sphere may be. Lawyers may need to compress videos so that they take less space on their personal or firm’s website.
  • To change the video to a more appropriate format for courts: Digital evidence is admissible in court. Therefore, lawyers often need to take audio and video files to the courts to produce as evidence. A litigator already has a thousand things on his mind while in court, and seemingly small trouble like an unsupported file format can take a toll on him. Moreover, for avoiding the risk of losing files a lawyer may want to convert the video files into two or three popular video formats, so if one of them crashes, the other ones can be played without delay. Nobody would want to waste the court’s precious time.
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To convert video files to audio files

In certain situations, the audio of a video file is important and the visuals have to be removed. For instance, if they are blurry or of poor quality, or when you simply intend to keep the visuals private, or maybe they are just irrelevant to the case and might distract a viewer, the video files (MP4, for example) can be changed to audio files (MP3).


You will need it while making PowerPoint Presentations

Who does not love a seamless powerpoint presentation? One very tricky thing is to add videos to powerpoint. Maybe something that plays on your computer without a hitch can totally work up in someone else’s machine. That’s why it is critical to be mindful about using universal and common video formats when you add videos to PPT.

Change your video files to common formats such as .avi, .mov, .mp4 which are universally accepted.

While .flv is a very popular and common format, it may not work well with PPT.

A video may not work in powerpoint for the following reasons:

  1. i) It is in an exotic format.
  2. ii) Powerpoint may not recognize the video codecs.

In PowerPoint 2016, for instance, the acceptable formats are: Windows Video File (.asf), Windows Video (.avi), MP4 Video (.mp4, .m4v, .mov), Movie (.mpg or .mpeg), Adobe Flash (.swf), Windows Media Video File (.wmv). Nevertheless, it is always recommended to convert videos to a popular and (almost) universally functional format like MP4.


Easy sharing

Some videos, for example, CCTV footages are saved in .avi format by default. If a video has to be shared on media like WhatsApp, a more popular format like MP4 is recommended. For fast and easy sharing of important videos on all their social media, a video converter can come in handy for a lawyer.


Converting Flash videos

Sometimes, an important file, in .sfw format may not play in a handheld device or your laptop unless you have flash player. Such files can be converted to MP4 in seconds using a video converter.


Importance of video converters for podcasting or YouTubing

The first time I recorded something for YouTube, I was simply unable to upload it. It was taking hours to upload. Then I realised my mistake. I converted my videos to smaller files and lighter formats. Then I could manage to upload these files on YouTube very easily.

When you upload a video to Whatsapp, it automatically compresses the file. But you have no control over how much quality is lost. With a professional converter, if necessary, you can decide exactly what size your file can be, and what details can be sacrificed to make the file lighter.

Step by step guidelines to convert a video

  1.  Open any online free video converter on Google.
  2. Upload the files you want to convert. In less than a minute, your file will be uploaded.
  3. From among the available options, select the format you want to convert your video to.
  4. Your file will be converted in no time and will download itself automatically.
  5. In case it does not download automatically, click on the download option.


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