This article is written by Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO, LawSikho.

A pursuit of what we wish would be possible but seems impossible today. An adventure. A goal that stretches our abilities, competence, tolerance and patience as we go after it. Challenges that test us, with a promise of great rewards if we succeed.

What else has inspired greatness in this world? What else has inspired people to achieve incredible feats? Precisely little.

Human beings do not thrive in comfort. Comfort zone makes us weak, depressed, neurotic. Still, we are hardwired in our brain to seek comfort and avoid struggle.

Going for a jog or work out in the gym is choosing struggle over comfort. Starting your own practice when you are getting a guaranteed salary in your bank account thanks to a job is choosing struggle over comfort. Deciding to watch a TED video or a video that would give you a legal insight that maybe later useful at your work rather than watching more Netflix is choosing struggle over comfort. 

Reading a book rather than scrolling through your social media is a struggle over comfort decision. Spending an hour on your learning and development rather than going out with your friends for an expensive party is a comfort or struggle decision.

And you know exactly how most people make those decisions.

You could top in every class in which you have studied. It was never the question of brilliance or intelligence, though that was the lie we were all told or that we bought into.

The truth was that the toppers were focussed people, who could spend more time studying and focussing on learning than any of us could.

Our problem is not that we do not have talent, that we do not have intelligence, that we do not have money. Of course, those are disadvantages or advantages depending on the situation. The greatest advantage or disadvantage, however, is whether we can focus on our work like a dog chews a bone. Would we get distracted by comfort or will we chose struggle and growth over comfort? Can we chase our target even when our whole body is screaming for mercy?

Those who learn how to embrace the life of constant struggle for the sake of growth, tend to grow bigger than the rest. There is no secret, except single-minded pursuit of a goal. The rewards that add up over the years are mind blowing.

Of course, such benefits are not obvious in the short term. And that prevents most people from choosing the life of struggle and growth. They are satisfied at the level of survival, and opt for comfort.

But there are some rebels who refuse to toe the line. They seek trouble, because they know that is where disproportionate growth is possible!

That is what entrepreneurs stand for. That is what we do as well!

Why do we do it? It is because we do not want our lives to mean nothing. It is because we want to stand up and be counted. We wished that we were born in the age of great epics or at least freedom struggle, so we could be a hero too.

Well, we have no time machine that we could go back to another age. What we have is what we have. And these are not times of great wars, exploration or conquest. 

Our conquests and explorations are of ideas, of entrepreneurship, and of art. As a generation, the only way we can seek glory is through a quest of beauty and justice.

And that is what LawSikho is for me and I believe a majority of my colleagues. It is not a mere revenue generation machine. It is not a comfort zone. It is not just a way to put food on the plates of our families. It is a pursuit of beauty. It is a pursuit of art. It is our self-expression. What will it come to be? What would it look like when we are done with our masterpiece?

We cannot wait to see. We do not feel like taking a break. We want to race to the end, even if that means pushing ourselves harder.

We marvel at what we create. We marvel at the contribution we make in the lives of our students. We marvel at the growth and the impact. LawSikho is a way to fulfil our potential, and stand for something bigger than just ourselves. It is an idea that is expressing itself through a complex machinery we are building and growing.

Some people play games like Age of Empire on the internet, and our game in creating extraordinary law courses with practical impact on people, to train the future leaders of legal industry and making sure that we reach out to enough people so they know what we stand for. We are building technology for that. We are building internal training for that. We are reading books that will help us in our quest. We are learning new management techniques that will help the organization to collaborate better. We are always trying to grow our tribe by finding the kind of people who think like us, and are ready to go all the way in our quest.

Of course, we have temptations. We can take the wrong step any time. We often feel like embracing comfort and running away from the struggle.

But we haven’t. It has been many years now, we have held onto our trenches, dug down our heels, and have been fighting it out.  

What is your quest for beauty? Is it developing a standing before the court that your words are respected and considered gold? Is it developing the kind of brand that people fly you down to other countries to negotiate contracts? Is your pursuit of beauty the making of a law firm like whom nobody has seen anything yet?

Are you the creator of the new game in town?

If yes, we are kindred spirits. Do respond ib the comment section and let me know. Share this post with others like us.

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