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Over the years significant tweaks have been made in the All India Bar Examination (AIBE) pattern. How has the paper evolved? 

For those who are scheduled to attempt the AIBE in coming years, understanding recent trends are important. Given below is the detailed analysis of the question paper pattern in view of the past 3 All India Bar Exams.

Preparation for any exam involves analysis of the syllabus, past years’ question paper analysis and then the creation of a preparation strategy.

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Your preparation strategy will involve answering the following questions:

  • Which subjects to focus on first and which ones to focus on later?
  • How to solidify your understanding of the concepts?
  • How to familiarize yourself with the structure of the Bare Acts?
  • How to prepare so that you can answer questions fast?
  • How to develop proficiency in answering each type of question asked? 
  • How to practice past years’ papers to identify where you stand? 
  • How to build your confidence? 
  • Which materials to carry into the examination hall?
  • How to use the materials to find answers quickly?
  • Which questions to answer first in the examination hall?
  • What to do if something unexpected happens in the exam? (For example, if there are too many unfamiliar or difficult questions)? 

If you are preparing for the All India Bar Exam for the first time, this can be quite an overwhelming task, even if you have been a very bright student. The biggest challenge is in identifying the correct direction and sticking to the track. Most students who fail the exam are unable to cross this challenge. 

BarHacker Toolkit for AIBE Preparation

Types of Questions asked in AIBE

BarHacker Preparation Strategy

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