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Pranav Khatavkar; Lawyer, Legal Author and Founding Editor of International Commercial Law Review, on why he recommends the BarHacker Course for AIBE (All India Bar Examination) Aspirants.

I was able to clear the All India Bar Examination (“AIBE”) in the first attempt because of BarHacker.

I came to know about BarHacker through the internet while I was searching for tips on how to prepare for the AIBE (All India Bar Examination).  When I opened the web page, I found that iPleaders was offering a course on the AIBE called BarHacker.  I went through the web page which presented various reports on previous year versions of the AIBE (All India Bar Examination). On the web page, it is also explained very well what the BarHacker course is and why is it recommended.

The web page also had the link to an article by Mr. Ramanuj Mukherjee CEO iPleaders, that was published on Legally India, in which he underlined that 37% of the candidates that appeared for AIBE (All India Bar Examination) in 2012 had failed. He further highlighted the reasons for such a high failure rate and also gave basic tips to clear the exam.  I found the article to be a thorough analysis of the exam and its pattern. I thought if Ramanuj is giving such valuable information regarding the AIBE in this article for free, then I would certainly get more valuable tips and insights regarding the AIBE if I enrolled for BarHacker.

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I already knew that iPleaders is a reputed organization. So as far as the quality of the course was concerned, I had no reservations. I also perused other success stories that were published on the website of Bar Hacker. Some people even said that they were able to clear the AIBE (All India Bar Examination) despite last moment study, with assistance from BarHacker of course.

Based on my research, I had almost made up my mind to enroll for the course. Before taking a call, I gave a call to Mr. Abhyuday Agarwal, COO & Co-Founder of iPleaders. I asked him what value addition does BarHacker offer. He gave me a detailed explanation of the course, its modus operandi and highlighted its benefits. He also told me that all the candidates who have enrolled for Bar Hacker have been able to successfully pass the exam. After speaking to Abhyuday, I enrolled for the course right away.

The course has a systematic approach. It has been structured in accordance with the weightage given to each subject in the AIBE (All India Bar Examination). The tips on how to attempt the exam are useful and practical. I still remember one of the tips which mentioned that you should not focus on all the subjects as you will end up wasting time doing so. You should only focus on the important subjects because the criteria in the Bar exam is not to score higher marks but to achieve a minimum score to clear the exam. The course offered a result-oriented approach which I really liked. I religiously followed everything that the course taught.  Since I knew that the team behind BarHacker is experienced, I simply followed what the course offered.

The course offers video tutorials on various subjects and mock tests. I attempted all the mock tests which helped me speed read and refresh my skills to attempt Multiple Choice Questions which I had lost over the years during my law degree course. The questions in the mock tests were of a good quality. I was able to clear all the mock tests.

The greatest value addition that BarHacker offers is the Hack Sheets. I believe that it was my biggest ROI (Return on Investment) from this course. The Hack Sheets have been designed in such a way that they make it easy and convenient for the candidates to navigate through the important sections of the Acts covered in the AIBE (All India Bar Examination) syllabus. I used the Hack Sheets during the exam and everything went very smoothly. I remember having 10-15 minutes remaining with me to review my answers while others were struggling to finish the exam.

I believe if you follow what the course teaches, you will certainly pass the Bar exam.  Although people think that the Bar exam is easy because it is an open book exam. Believe me, it is not easy at all! The Majority of the candidates appearing for this exam lack the skills needed to tackle this exam.

The freshers in the legal industry have an excessive workload which often leaves them with very little or in many cases no time and energy to study and prepare for the exam. That’s exactly where a course like BarHacker adds value. Even if you spend just 30 minutes every day by logging in to the online portal that iPleaders provides and watch the video tutorials, read the content and appear for the mock exams, you will be able to sail through the AIBE (All India Bar Examination).

The challenge in an examination like AIBE (All India Bar Examination) is having access to all the required information in the right amount of time. It is impossible to know the entire law, and even if you can carry all books with you, it still wouldn’t serve any purpose because it is a time bound examination. The trick is to be able to access the right information as quickly as possible given the limited amount of time. I remember BarHacker providing a list of specific books to be carried and I only carried those books which really helped.

Before enrolling for the course, I knew that it would be really difficult for me to clear the exam as one only gets about 1.5 minutes per question in which one has to read and understand the question, find the related section in the book and then answer the question. BarHacker trained me to tackle all of this.

I believe that everyone intending to appear for the AIBE (All India Bar Examination) should opt for BarHacker. Lastly, since the course has been reasonably priced, I just have one thing to say to all AIBE aspirants- if you have already invested so much time and money in getting a law degree, then why not put in a little more and ensure that your investment of time and money in law school fructifies for the good? What is the point of failing the Bar Exam after putting in so much time and money into your legal education? I am not saying that you need the BarHacker Program to clear the AIBE, but at the same time, I will say that the AIBE is not a test of your knowledge. It is a test of your dexterity, agility and your ability to access information in limited time duration and that’s exactly what BarHacker prepares you for!




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