B D Thimmaiah completed the NUJS diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws in 2015. He has done his Bachelors in Engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University, Karnataka and is currently an Executive Officer at the Advanced Research and Development Corporation (A.R.D.C.). ARDC enables its clients spanning from varied sectors including but not restricted to agrarian and urban sectors; with advanced, cost-effective solutions and research thus, improving their profitability and business productivity. Further, Thimmaiah has always been quite passionate and involved in entrepreneurship; with innovative ideas and a creative streak he has many startups to his credit.

We asked Thimmaiah how the course helped him so far in his career and why he enrolled for this diploma course when he already had a flourishing career. He had very interesting things to talk about his experience with the course. So, we decided to share it with you all as a success story. Over to Thimmaiah:

At the time of joining the NUJS diploma course, I was in the process of setting up my latest venture. Coincidentally, I happen to come across an advertisement of NUJS diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws. As I explored it further, I found it to be quite apt for my needs.

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A look at the curriculum and the syllabus assured me that it would give me quite a bit of insight into business laws and the legal scenario in doing business in India. NUJS being one of the top three law schools in India; I was convinced that iPleaders has partnered with one of the best in this field and the flexibility to study at my convenience and the location independent learning, were pivotal in me opting for this course.

My purpose of joining the NUJS diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws was to gain legal knowledge and breadth of the legal system specific to India. Being from a nonlaw background we deal with legal matters almost on a day to day basis, mostly in indirect and often unknown and subtle forms. As an entrepreneur juggling many hats, I had to be aware of the basic laws and legal systems so as to be aware at all times. This course has helped me understand different legal aspects from a technical perspective; of which I did not have the knowledge earlier.

Content wise the course is excellent. It is designed in a manner that a person who is not from a legal background can also follow it easily. I have benefitted the most from the chapters related to Business Structuring and Drafting.

At that time, It helped me in taking quick decisions during the structuring of my business ventures; in small but pivotal decisions like forming an LLP or a Pvt Ltd or a proprietorship, the concept of OPC and its advantages ( This was quite new and even my experienced and seasoned CA too had no idea about it at that time! ).

The Module on drafting helped me understand how agreements are to be drafted and vetted, what are the precautions to be taken, how clauses can be negotiated etc. Down the line, I have drafted quite a few documents thanks to this course, and my lawyers are still wondering how I could manage it so well without their help! They used to be quite surprised when they found my draft quite ‘legal’ in order and form.

This course has empowered me to an extent that it has added on to my persona. Nowadays I not only understand what my legal team is doing, but I also engage in discussions with them regarding different policies, clauses in agreements.. etc.

I have mentioned the NUJS diploma in my LinkedIn profile and I feel that the skills gained from this course have helped me add value to my profile.

I have already recommended this diploma to few of my friends. At any given point of time, if anyone asks me about this course I would be more than happy to recommend it.

I feel this course is for everyone. Anyone who wants to know the basics of business and wants to take his business to the next level would benefit from this course irrespective of their educational background or current sector they are in. It is a course for all who want to have an added edge over life.


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