All India Bar Examination

All India Bar Examination

All India Bar Exam has been introduced in 2010 – and all Indian law graduates have to now pass this exam to get a license to practice as a lawyer. Here are some essential details about the All India Bar Exam.



The BCI is prone to change syllabus at the last moment – in 2013 they changed in 12 days before the exam. So be careful about this – but this is the currently valid syllabus:

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Number of questions

(equal marks for each question)

Constitutional Law


Civil Procedure Code


Criminal Procedure Code


Law of Evidence


Law of Contract, Specific Relief, Property Laws, Special Contracts and Negotiable Instruments


Indian Penal Code




Professional Ethics and Professional Misconduct


Alternative Dispute Resolution and Arbitration Act


Limitation Act


Company Law


Family Law


Labour  and Industrial Laws



Sample questions from Bar Exam (AIBE)

Free Sample Paper (courtesy BarHacker): Download from here


Sample paper provided by BCI: Download


AIBE Helpline – contact Bar Council of India if you have queries

011-49225022, 011-49225023

Email id [email protected]


Bar Exam Preparation Strategy

Firstly, notice that all subjects do not carry the same weight. Jurisprudence, although a huge subject, carries only 3 marks. Family law is humongous in India with different personal laws for each community, but there will be only 4 questions from here. Hence, start studying with the subjects that carry a lot of marks – like law of contracts, law of constitution, CPC and CrPC. Law of evidence and IPC comes next.

Secondly, this is an open book exam. However, unlike before, BCI doesn’t provide any booklets (the previous booklets are available on BCI website over here: book 1 and book 2). You are advised to carry all the important bare acts. Books are usually not very helpful. You need to mark, underline, flag and highlight the important provisions and parts of your bare act so that you can easily and quickly find the relevant portions. Hence, read your bare acts beforehand to know what answers can be found where in the statutes.

Thirdly, one’s performance in an open book exam can magically transform if they practice giving mock tests. This is an easy way to get conversant with your carry-in material (books you are going to carry for this open book exam). At you can find realistic mock tests that will thoroughly prepare you for the real exam.

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