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It is important to write the FIR in a thoughtful manner. For the police to take action, an FIR must clearly disclose all offenses which were committed. The following checklist should help an employer in assisting an employee file the FIR.
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Name, address and telephone number of the informant
Name(s), address and contact details of the perpetrator(s) of the crime
Relationship of the perpetrator with the victim
Information and narrative pertaining to the commission of the offense, which explains the following points
Describe the acts which constitute the subject-matter of the FIR. E.g. In the case of sexual harassment, explain the nature of the suggestion, remark, physical, or the non-verbal act that made the woman feel sexually harassed.
Mention the number of people involved in the offense and roles played by the different accused persons (in case there is more than one) in the commission of the offense.
Was there any witness? If yes, names, addresses and contact details of the witnesses.
Did the accused attempt to intimidate the woman?
Was there any violence involved? If yes, describe what happened. Mention whether any weapons or other articles were used. If sharp objects were used, describe their nature. Describe the nature of any injuries that were caused (if applicable).
If the property was taken away, describe the nature and value of the property
Mention if any articles were broken or damaged. (e.g., Did the accused break / throw a mobile phone, stationery or any other personal belonging or office-related article?)
Is there any other evidence to support the claim? For example, emails, SMSes, any other written documents, etc.
Explain the location of the incident (e.g. give precise details of the work-situation and office, etc.)
Specify the date and time of the incident
Provide any information about the motives or immediate intention of the perpetrator(s)
Describe any threats of adverse treatment or promises of special treatment in return for sexual favors
Reasons for the delay (if any) in filing the FIR
Ensure that you sign (or place your thumb impression) on the FIR



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