nujs business law diplomaYashvardhan Pratap Singh completed the NUJS diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws in 2015. He has interned with prestigious organisations like is ONGC Videsh Ltd and various lawyers.He is currently preparing for civil service examination.

As a part of our exercise of talking to students and alumni where founders directly take structured feedback, we asked Yashvardhan how the course helped him so far in his career and he had lots of positive feedback about the course. So we decided to share it with all of you as a success story. Over to Yashvardhan.


I was in my fourth year of BA LLB program at Jindal Global Law School when I enrolled for the NUJS diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws. I wanted to learn more about business law as I always felt that only the theoretical knowledge provided at the college would not help me in future.

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I saw an advertisement of the NUJS diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws course online and I liked it instantly. I read details about the syllabus and curriculum and was confident that this would make me understand business law at a practical level. I was sure this course would guide me to the knowledge I’m seeking. The most impressive thing about this diploma course is that it has taken e-learning to the next level. The webinar series and the sessions with the industry experts and top lawyers gave an insight into the intricacies of corporate world. In short this has been the best learning experience I ever had.

It is a unique course not just in terms of business laws but in terms of understanding the needs of an entrepreneur and giving an insight into structuring and organizing businesses and new ventures.

Since my school days I wanted to clear the civil services examination and become a bureaucrat and currently I’m preparing for the civil services examination but I want to be very realistic and keep a second career option planned.  In a situation where things don’t go the way I want I would like to build my career with a Law firm.

Moreover, I know that understanding startups and businesses better through this course would be an asset for me even if I become a civil servant. In light of the changing times, and the Prime Ministers agenda of buttressing India’s economy through startups, I think my choice of pursuing the course has been very timely.

The NUJS diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws is Boon for people who plan to work in corporate sectors, even those from non legal background can follow it easily.

This course has frankly struck the right chord with people who want to make it big in life …be it lawyers, entrepreneurs or even bureaucrats …I say even bureaucrats because today’s world is run by businesses and the bureaucrat need to have a fair understanding of the corporate laws. I’m sure this course would help me in once I’m a bureaucrat also.

The way India is becoming an investor friendly destination, providing a platform for international trade …this diploma would  help a bureaucrat to have an idea about how businesses startup, regulations work etc. We have seen businesses complaining red-tapism and lethargy in bureaucrats. However if bureaucrat do this kind of courses they would have an insight into the Laws and working of corporate sector.

A bureaucrat has a lot of power and if they are equipped with right knowledge they can actually use their knowledge for the betterment of the society. I hope that I will succeed in becoming an exemplary civil servant and make a difference to the fortune of the country.



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