CLAT-apult asks: Who Should Teach You To Paint?

Who should teach you to paint?

Some of my juniors from college have started the latest CLAT coaching – and they seem to be very thorough and extremely passionate about what they are doing. Here’s something they wanted to communicate – and I thought of sharing the same with you guys. Even if you are not a law aspirant, read this piece to see the candid, effective communication of their USPs, which does not make you feel like turning off the TV and leave the country out of boredom. My best wishes to the CLATapult team and I hope it CLATapults many students to good law schools in coming years. Over to CLATapult.

They were also covered by the Economic Times, check out here.

Who should teach you to paint? A businessman or a painter? I’ll bet on the painter.

Who should teach you to write? A businessman or a writer? I’ll bet on the writer.

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And who should teach a law, aspirant? A businessman or a law student? I’ll bet on the law student.

Been there, done that.
You’ve been at war. You know the trenches. The mines. The bunkers. The enemy. You know the bullets. And the machete. Because you’ve been at the war. And you know how to avoid the trenches and use the bunker. How to use the machete and avoid a mine.
Been there, done that.
That was why CLATapult came into being. We were saddened by the mushrooming of law coaching business. Every Tom, Dick, Harry and Rabbit came up with a CLAT coaching business. The existing CAT coaching institutions added a legal reasoning module to their existing study material and the CAT became CLAT.
For such coaching institutions, L was just another alphabet. L was just a few more coins in their already bludgeoning purses.
For us, L holds a special meaning. L is our life, it’s our livelihood. L stands for law, for a powerful career option. With these ideas, CLATapult came into being.

Law coaching by law students. Not by businessmen.

For now, we can tell you the story of how our faculty came to being recruited. We are based out of Kolkata and called for applications from NUJS students. 60 students applied.
We gave them a tough, written test. Bloody tough; tougher than hell. If you aren’t knowledgeable enough, you aren’t fit to teach. We short-listed around 20 students.
These students then had to give a demo class. A 10-minute demo class. A 10-minute class where we checked whether the candidate could teach. A 10-minute audition sort of an exercise. If you aren’t exceptional, you are gone.
Is the candidate a top-notch communicator? Could she make the class sit up and take notice? How did she handle the questions, the bloody tough ones? Did she sometimes sound confusing?

We finally selected 5 teachers. And the feedback we’ve received from students coming to the CLATapult centers has been phenomenal.

Our study materials to are undergoing a rigorous process: they’ve been made with a poet like flourish and flair. And now they are being subjected to a physicist like a scrutiny. Wait till they are out. Am sure you’ll find them great.
That’s not all. How many CLAT coaching institutions have speed reading sessions? Or externships with lawyers and law-related NGOs? That happens when you care for that L that is law, and for that L which is life. And we do.

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