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This article is written by Anjali Shaw, a student of National University of Study and Research in Law. 

Take a course in good water and air, and in the eternal youth of Nature, you may renew your own. Go quietly, alone, no harm will befall you   – John Muir

Climate change is a terrible problem, and it absolutely needs to be solved. It deserves to be a huge priority    – Bill Gates

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Environment is derived from a French word “Environ” which means “Encircle” i.e. the things which surrounds us OR it can be said that environment is the condition that have direct impact on living things.

Environment consists of two factors:

  • Biotic Factor: means living components.

 Example: Plants, Animals, Human Beings etc. 

  • Abiotic Factor: means non-living components.

Example: Air, Water, Land, Table etc.

These biotic and abiotic components are in dynamic state; they constantly affect each other and cannot be isolated from each other.

Components of Environment:

  • Atmosphere
  • Hydrosphere
  • Lithosphere 
  • Biosphere

Atmosphere consists of various gases like nitrogen, oxygen, pollutants, water vapours and subatomic particles that totally covers the earth.

There are some layers of atmosphere: 

Troposphere: 0-12 Km, Stratosphere: 12-15Km, Mesosphere: 12-80Km, Thermosphere: 80-700Km, Exosphere: >700-190,000Km.

Hydrosphere consists of water like oceans, lakes etc.70percentage of earth is covered with water and 30% is covered by land surface. 

Lithosphere consists of rocks and minerals like mountains, plateaus etc. it include crust and uppermost part of mantle. It is divided into tectonic plates, which move relatively to each other. There are two components of lithosphere-

Oceanic lithosphere and Continental lithosphere.

Biosphere is the combination of atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere. It is that part of earth were life can exists. It is absent at North and South poles. The extreme range of biosphere is 10Km above sea level and 8Km depth in oceans.

“Climate change” represents a change in the long- term weather pattern. It is not a change of weather in a particular day rather it is a cumulative change. Climate change is the measurable effects of the continual warming trend. It is usually measured in major shifts in temperature, rainfall, snowfall, and wind pattern. 

Factors, which are responsible for climate changes, are called climate forcing which means effecting the climate system.

Positive forcing: Earth warms by excess of greenhouse gas. It absorbs the long waves emitted by the earth surface and increases the temperature.

Negative forcing: Most of aerosols like soot from the combustion of fossil fuels mineral dust etc. and volcanic eruption actually cools the earth because they will cause deflecting of insolation and decreases the temperature.

Dark Carbon means rich particle such as soot from the combustion absorbs sunlight and warm the atmosphere.

The causes of Climate Change are


  • Continental Drift Theory OR Drifting of Continents: Wegener gave this theory and it solves problems of geology, palaeontology and climatology. It might change temperature due to shifting of latitude.
  • Plate Tectonics Theory: Morgan (1967) gave this theory and Wilson gave the term “plate”. They explained how thermal currents is responsible for displacement of plates. The plates comprises of crust and upper part of upper mantle. It is finally responsible for orogeny that means moulding of Himalayas, Andes etc. that is responsible for increase in elevation that finally causes climate change.
  • Milankoritch Principles: This theory shows the relationship between Earth’s orbital parameters and solar radiation. Summer insolation in the polar latitudes is the main cause of glaciation. 
  • Carbon Dioxide Theory: T.C. Chamberlin gave this theory and according to him carbon dioxide (CO2) plays a bigger role in world wide climate change. Carbon Dioxide absorbs the outgoing longwave radiation and this radiation is radiated back to the earth surface and cause the GREEN HOUSE EFFECT.

The present deforestation and industrialization are majorly responsible for release of carbon dioxide. Some of this is consumed by vegetation and some are dissolved in oceans. 

  • Volcanic Dust Theory OR Effect of Volcanism: By this theory, the size of its particle volcanic dust deflects light of short wavelength coming from the sun and because of which volcanic dust may lower down the earth temperature ad contribute to ice age.

Example, in 1883 East-Indian volcano Krakatoa was erupted, the entire island was destroyed, and the amount of dust injected in the atmosphere was so large that the sky appears reddish at the time of sunset and it was observed, that time global temperature declined.

  • Meteoritic Dust Theory 
  • Sun Spot Theory 


  • Green House Effect: All the gases and another substance, which are present in the atmosphere and transparent to short waves but absorbs the long wave emitted by the earth surface is called greenhouse gas and its effect is known a greenhouse effect. It influences the mechanism through which thermal radiation from the earth’s surface is reabsorbed by way of greenhouse gasses and redirected in all the directions. Some of the principle of the greenhouse gases are water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane and ozone. Most of the gasses bad absorbers of photovoltaic radiation, consequently allowing a good deal of solar electricity tom pass by via the earth’s ecosystem thereby warming up the earth’s surface. In the other hand a proportion of the outgoing strength is absorbed by means of these gases, which is then redirected to earth’s surface therefore warming up the atmosphere.

For example: On a very hot day the car gets hotter when its parked outside This is because the heat and light from the sun get into the car by its windows and it does not get the place to get out and result of which the temperature in the car increases and in the same way the temperature of the earth goes up. 

There are some positive and negative aspect of greenhouse effect.

Positive Aspect:

  1. They absorbs the long wave of the earth surface and maintain the temperature of the earth.
  2. It makes difference in the temperature between day and night to sustain life.
  3. Carbon Dioxide Fertilization Effect i.e. increase of carbon dioxide increase the rayed of photosynthesis and under stressed condition like biotic stress (competition), abiotic stress (extreme temperature, flood, drought, nutrients stress) plant has tendency to supply more photosynthesis towards roots.
  4. Ozone one of the important gas of the greenhouse gases it absorbs the ultra violet (UV) rays of the sun to the earth surface. 

According to IPCC, if there is no Greenhouse gas in the earth surface then the temperature will drop to -10 degree Celsius to 20 degree Celsius.

Negative Aspect:

  1. Human activities such as burning fossil fuels and deforestation have caused a jump in the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which results in extra trapped heat and higher global temperature and because of which the Polar Regions had started melting its ice and increases the water level and flood will come.
  2. Marine life and ecosystem would be destroyed as the oceans absorbs the carbon dioxide and effect the level of alkalinity.
  3. Global Warming would affect the weather pattern.

We know that Global Warming has become a major concern in the world. We have also started facing its effects. Since, 1960 every passing decade has been warmer than the previous one and the earth’s temperature is still on rise. In addition, its main cause is Greenhouse effect due to which the gases are absorbed and reflect radiation.

However, the human activities such as industrialisation, deforestation and environmental pollution causes increase in the greenhouse gases and this result in trapping more heat to the earth surface and causing Global Warming.

The consequences of the global warming are:

  • It Increase the average temperature of the earth. 
  • There will be alteration in the ecosystem-increasing sea level, floods, drought, heat waves, tornados and twisters.
  • Due to increases in humidity and there frequent growth in warmer atmosphere extend the distribution of mosquitos.
  • It rises the sea level in the low land islands. A create problems for the pants, animals, and people living there. Water cover the plant and because if which they die and animals which were depended on the plants also die because of starvation and people will lose two sources of food, along with animals food and become homeless.
  • The pollution that causes global warming is li ked with the acid rain and it gradually destroys the thing, which it touches.
  • In forest, some plants and trees leaves can be so dry that they can catches the fire. 

What is Acid Rain?

It is a mixture of wet and dry deposited material from the atmosphere of sinitontaining large concentration of nitric and sulphuric acids. This formed from the natural resources like volcanos and decaying vegetation and made resources, emission of sulphur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxide (NO2) resulting from fossil fuels and it is occurred when these gases react with water, oxygen, and other chemicals to form acidic compounds.

Indian Culture has a relationship between conservation and safety of the environment. In our Indian Constitution it is given that each the State and The citizen to “protect and enhance the environment.” The duties, acts and law, which extends to entire of India is given in The Environment Act, 1986.

Constitutional Interpretation of Environment

In the Directive Principle of State Policy and The Fundamental Duties, Article 48A and 51A (g) were added by the 42nd Amendment of the Constitution of India. 

Article 48A states that “The State shall aspire to conserve or protect and improve the environment and safeguard the forest and wildlife of the nation.”

Article 51A (g) states that it impose the duties upon the people of India to protect the environment and advise people to come before the court for devote relief.” 

The Apex Court has said that the courts obligated to take in mind the that above mentioned articles, if any case related to Environmental problem can be bought in the court.

It is also said by the Supreme Court said that the environmental pollution and desecration which is slowly poisoning and effecting the environment would regard as violation of Article 21 of the Constitution of India.  

The Apex Court held that lack of money will be poor excuse when people with problem cry for justice. Every people are responsible to pay the compensation if any will people violate the constitutional and other statutory.

How food security is affected by the climate change?

In 1996 The World Food Summit defined the word “food security” where it means food security remain when at the time all the people have physical, social and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food. From this definition 3 mains things come: food availability, access to food and food absorption.

As we know large section of Indian people go through from acute undernutrition, increasing incomes and developing urbanisation are swiftly changing the composition of the food basket- cereals to high- value agricultural commodities such as fish and meat. In addition, result of which the complete demand for food grains is projected to be higher in the future due to an expand in population as properly as a growing indirect demand from the feed.Climate change is a danger for hungry and undernourished people. It affects the food manufacturing and availability, utilization and stability of food system.

Weather-related problems are increasing and reducing the production of important crops. If climate change affects food production, it makes sense that it additionally affects food access. This easy supply and demand has big impacts: Climate change and climate failure (such as disasters like flood and drought) can lead to inflated expenditures for the food that is available. These fee spikes leave the poorest household, with the urban bad spending up to 75% to their whole price range on food alone. As our foods system are raising up dependent om this potential that extra nominal and greater excessive events in one vicinity should disrupt clusters of food systems- even the world food system as a whole. The area least in all likelihood to alter to a surprising match or shock, however, continue to be the one disproportionately affected. In many areas where foods are insecure, the next problem becomes nutrition.

In low income and agrarian communities, the patterns of meals consumption varied upon season. A pre harvest will go way households reducing their food intake until the subsequent harvest. With climate trade reducing harvests, this capability that the lean period may additionally be extended if there are fewer shooflies, or if it takes longer to get an enough harvest. Dealing with drought should emerge as challenges in area the place rising summer temperature motive soils to come to be drier. Although irrigation might be feasible in some places, and the places where water resources might also additionally be reduced, leaving much less water left for irrigation when greater is needed.

Agriculture and marine animals are surprisingly structured on the climate change. Increase of temperature and carbon dioxide (CO2) can amplify some crop yields in some places. Nevertheless, to realise these benefits, nutrients levels, soil moisture, water availability, and other conditions ought to additionally be met. Droughts and floods may want to pose challenges for the people linked with the agriculture and threatens the food safety. On the same time, hotter water temperatures are probable to motive the habitat degrees of many fishes and other fish species to shift and the ecosystem is disrupt. Overall, local weather changes should make it extra challenging to develop crops, raise animals, and trap fish in the same methods and same locations as we have accomplished in the past. The result of climate change also want to be regarded alongside with different evolving elements that affect agricultural production, such as adjustments in farming practices and technologies.

Indian food production is highly depended on the climate change because the agriculture continues to be highly sensitive to monsoon. 65% of Indian crop are rain-fed. Two crops central nutrition in India are wheat and rice are sensitive to climate.

The natural gasoline is environmentally friendly articulation on how a lot of methane leaks to the atmosphere in the course of the manufacturing process. But the EDF report provides weight to these who say methane leaks at natural gas sites can make the system almost or as carbon-intensive as coal. Air pollution is also a major problem, with this to EDF: in Pinedale, Wyoming, emissions from fracking and other production smog tiers rivalling inner-city. There is landmark case in which Absolute Liability was introduced by the court. The court said that the permission of doing any hazardous industry where people live could not be any industry in that area. This case is also called Oleum Leakage Case. With this Parliament added a new chapter in the Factory Act, 1948. This is also called” Deep Pocket Principle.

The global population is expected to increase 7.7 billion to 8.5 billion by 2030 and 9.7billion by 2050. Giving food and dietary protection to an entire people wants some major planning and high quality implementation. In addition we want to begin now. Climatic elements like accelerated temperature and extreme rainfall will affect productiveness by means of causing physiological changes. Moreover, they will have an effect soil fertility, the incidence of pest infestation and availability of water. This will have an effect on crops, animal husbandry as well as fisheries. The lookup was undertaken at seven primary establishment of ICAR across India. NICRA has recognized 151 climatically susceptible districts but politicians in many of these states may additionally be oblivious to this. Research on have an effect on assessment on plants used to be carried out the usage of simulation fashions for local weather projections for 0202, 2050, and 2080. Simulations show that the yield of rice in irrigation areas might also reduce through 7% in 2050 and 10% in 2080. The yield of maize in irrigated areas of kharif used to be projected to decline by way of 18% through 2020.

The Right to Food is a Fundamental Right linked to one’s right to life and dignity which is given under the Indian Constitution and requires that food be available, on hand and ample for all and sundry without any discrimination.The Right to Food is right to human know under country wide and global law, which protects the right of humans to reach their food and feed to them, either by way of producing their food or by buying the food. 

The human rights reach to the rights to food and its nutrition is adding and becoming famous as against coverage oriented programmatic reach to growth as it introduces normative groundwork and presents for an factor of accountability by way of advantage of which State can compelled to defend sure integral pastime of subjects.

The Right to Food has been section of the global human rights administration considering its initiation. Reaches to food was once first declared a right in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UNHRC) of Article 25 and the right was due to this fact codified by means of Article 11 of The International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), which enclose two different however related norms: the proper to ample of food and the right to be free from hunger. The committee of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights has also defined the right to food provided for in the ICESCR.

The Apex Court has noted in various cases that the right to existence should be explained as a right to “live with human dignity”, which also adds the right to food and different simple necessities.

In the case it was held that the requirement for a respectable and civilized life adds up the right to food, water and proper environment, The court seen in this connection:” In any equipped society, right to live as a human being is not sured by way of assembly only the animal requirements of human. It is preserved only when he is certain of all amenities to made himself and is freed from restrictions which inbuilt his growth. All human rights are made to attain this object. 

Measures to come out of this problem

  • Promote correct agricultural practices to expand earnings. Farmers will solely adopt new practices if they see a income incentive. Practices, such as crops rotation and drip irrigation, elevate yields, minimize manufacturing prices and amplify gross margins. They additionally have adaptive houses that permit farmers to reduce losses from intense weather occasions and mitigate traits that decrease greenhouse gasoline emissions. Environmental things to do that are,market-led and profit-driven have the quality sustainability rates. 
  • Enforce adaptation strategies that limit loss threat from excessive climate events. Adoption of fundamental agronomic strategies can decrease losses from drought conditions, these include greater environment friendly irrigation methods that conserve water and mulching and contouring to keep and extend soil moisture. For floods and heavy flash rainfall, mitigation measures encompass raised beds or contouring to divert heavy flow from flora and decrease erosion.
  • Organize a whole-farm built-in crop administration approach. It is indispensable to prioritize danger discount via diversification of both plants and shoppers and markets. Fintrac trains authorities extension workers, NGO’s, farmer associations and non-public corporations to promote technologies and practices that benefit a large vary of crops, providing farmers the flexibility critical to meet altering market needs and agro climatic prerequisites. 
  • Expand capacity in far flung climate stations ailment modelling and index insurance systems. The affordability, faraway applicability and reaches of weather stations for agriculture have extended remarkably in latest years. The science can be used for accelerated pest and ailment forecasting and control, risk-reducing monetary units and higher-precision local weather trade modelling.

Climate change affect human mobility

There are three types of climate change human movement: displacement, migration and planned relocation.

Displacement: It is a situation the humans are forced to depart their home. Displacement is generally related with excessive weather events, such as droughts, cyclones or floods. Hence, typically all the people are affected than an individual. In many cases, displacement is interior however can additionally be throughout borders. It can be temporary or end up permanent.

Migration: The people migrate when they have the necessary resources and health, to choose between exceptional options. Climate change is anticipated to predominantly cause interior migration. Migration throughout global borders will majorly have an effect on inhabitants of low-lying small island states and other nations facing vast loss of territory. Even if climate-related slow-onset modifications and extreme activities cause cross-border migration, it is anticipated that humans mainly migrate regionally.

Planned Relocation: It is a planned movement equipped by means of a state or authorities upon request with sturdy participation of the affected people and web hosting people. This strategies are normally initiated if the communities are threatened to lose their habitual place due to negative impacts of local weather trade or if the living prerequisites do not allow residence. Planned relocation should be regarded as a last resort.

Bangladesh is one of the nations which is most susceptible to climate change impacts. Climate change is the major problem for economic growth of the nation and specially livelihood opportunities for the terrible and most vulnerable people. Riverbank erosion and floods are the main reasons for climate-induced migration in Bangladesh. For the affected humans both temporary or permanent migration are necessary diversification and adaption strategies. 

The scheme named Urban Management of interior migration due to climate is the first GIZ undertaking explicitly addressing migration. The challenges is financed through the special Tackling the Root causes of Displacement:

Integrating people with no home on behalf of Federal Ministry for Economic Corporation and Development (BMZ). The initiative pursuits at overcoming structural motives of displacement, helping host regions and facilitating the closure of the migrants. In Bangladesh, it targets on aiding the economic and social assimilation of climate-induced migrants in the capitals Khulna and Rajshahi, which show an exceptionally high percentage of migrants. The undertaking purpose is to improve the dwelling stipulations of migrants via demand measures. They are:

  1. Framework and climate-proofing primary urban infrastructure in informal agreement and slums while at the same time generating non-permanent profits possibilities through labour- intensive works, such as fritter management or framework and cleaning of drainage systems. Income opportunities will gain migrants as nicely as different underemployed living in slum-dwellers’ with their focal point on the arrangement of basic offerings such as drinking water and flood protection, the works additionally goal at change effects.
  2.  Analysing fortunate strategies to use the monetary potential of moving people for nearby economic system of the host cities by growth of demand- oriented background in close cooperation with low and medium business.
  3. Scope constructing of city association and addition of profitable measures into town growth plans.

Key message and recommendations

  • Climate change aggravate current drivers people movement, such as aid paucity, struggles, and lack of earning excuse, however is only in uncommon cases the central factor. The loss of place because of seawater raise is an exception.
  • It is predict that local weather alternate will commonly lead to internal or regional movement. Therefore, creating and application country wide and regional procedures to dwelling climate-induced people movement must be a key objective for impact and regions.
  • Booming outthrust for international moves due to local weather change are not yet available. So, people at risk can be analyse primary based on contemporary climate change science, which permits for higher adaption outlining and for explicitly addressing the problem of displacement as properly as the possible want for migration and outlined relocation. By this climate change and susceptibility assessments should acknowledge potential affects on people movement in order to discover suitable measures.

Climate change effect on biodiversity

As we know we people needs ecosystem for surviving and ecosystem also needs people. Biodiversity plays a important role in giving human wants directly when it is maintaining ecological process upon which all humans and creature survive. It is a major assest and powerful contributor to development and improving the human wellbeing. 

The hyperlink between climate alternate and biodiversity has lengthy been established. Although in the course of Earth’s history the climate change has always modified with ecosystems and species coming and going, fast climate change affects ecosystems and species capacity to adapt and so biodiversity casualty boost.

From a people perspective, the fast climate change and increasing biodiversity casualty risk people security (e.g. a considerable adjustment in the food conglomerate upon which we build upon, water resources may vary, abate or vanish, medicines and other sources we depend on can also be harder to achieve as the plant life and forna they derived from can also limit or vanish etc.) 

In Artic, it is not simply a reduction in the expanse of sea ice, but its density and age. Less ice potential less reflective floor, which means extra fast meeting. The fast reduction increases even scientific forecasts and is mentioned in addition on this site’s climate change introduction. 

Corals in more tropical areas are facing giant movement from growing water temperatures and growing storm speed, on pinnacle of a host different advancing provocation from improvement and tourism, increases in ocean acidity, continual fishing and pollution.

The court said that industry which cannot pay the minimum wages to its labours are not allowed to exist, a industry which cannot be allowed to permitted to continue to be in existence. In this case M.C. Mehta in the Apex court gave light on the pollution of the Ganga caused by the harazadous industries located on its banks.

The speedy costs of warming in the Arctic discovered in current decades, and estimated for at least the subsequent century, are adequately lowering the snow and ice pretence that grant denning and foraging habitat for polar bears. 

There are different possible, and even apparent, influences and adjustments in biodiversity (like interruption of interrelationship between bees and flowering plants which are pollinators) for which we do no longer yet have a consequential observational data. Moreover, we cannot come to a point that absence of entire conclusion is proof that changes are not now occurring.

PN Bhagwati and Ranganath Mishra gave the concept of “Sustainable Development” In this it is said that permanent aid of kindness are not to be prostrated in one generation. The natural sources should be used as more attention and take care of the ecology and environment should not be impact in any serious manner. 


To avoid the major problem of climate exchange, we all have to reach “net zero” emissions of carbon through 2050.or earlier. Net zero means no more carbon is emitted in the atmosphere that is taken out. To acquire net zero emissions, we would require a huge transformation in how we make and use the electricity. We want a newer, higher transformation system. We have to stop deforestation. We need a climate-friendly agricultural system. As we use fossil fuels we need to replace with cleaner, renewable energy. Government and companies need to use low carbon usage. We also have to stop deforestation for agriculture, building house.

Climate change is no longer some far-off problem; it is happening here,ot is happening now”

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