We recently happened to speak to Col. Rajesh Tandon about his experience with the NUJS Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws, and he shared some very nice insights that we thought we should share with you all.

I did B.sc in the year 1987, after that I did my M.A. in Social Administration. Completed my LLB as well. I am currently dealing with the Legal Department of Indian Army (mostly criminal cases). So, I have an idea about how the Law fraternity works. Lawyers, mostly these days, during interns does not pay (stipend) you properly, neither do they educate you properly on job and on top of that they make you work like anything. I’m a member of Lawctopus, from them I regularly get updates about the current scenario of Laws. I came to know about iPleaders from there. Otherwise, I never used to know what iPleaders is all about. And, what I found about them are absolute eye-openers.

My experience with iPleaders has been wonderful. I must say, it was a full utilisation of money spent. Spending 30K is nothing these days compared to what other institutions are providing us even if we spend lakhs of rupees. Course contents are absolutely brilliant. Wonderful composition of modules. Webinars are flooded with information. Faculty of iPleaders should be complimented for their marvellous hard work. Nowadays, the so called educational institutions should learn from iPleaders and NUJS that how courses on law should be designed. Their practical approach can do wonders even for the students or working professionals from non-law background.

Quality-wise, contents are very educative and practical. Module 6 and 7 are something new to me. Even after being from a Law background for such a long time, learnt something new from iPleaders. IPR has been very nicely covered, drafting exercises are very good. Overall, with iPleaders I find things are very innovative with real time practical explanations.

However, my constructive suggestion for iPleaders will be to give options for downloading the course contents or to provide hard-copy of materials for people like us, as we are not regular students who can spend long time on studies, or taking notes and practising exercises are very difficult for us. We hardly get any time to sit and study as we remain involved in other crucial things in our life. Even access to webinars is limited. So, how we can bank upon this short term access? I’ll be grateful if these areas of concerns get resolved. Rest all are simply fantastic.

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