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Hello, Everyone.

You must be curious about our LawSikho students performed in January. What went well and what didn’t? What can we improve? Do they have any good things to say about us?

And the result is in.

Since it is hard to talk to all the students (over a hundred joins us every month), we decided to talk to the toppers from every course. These are the people who have used the courses best, taken full advantage of the study material, weekly exercises and courses. Each of these people have scored at least 80% or above in these courses, which is a rare feat.

It takes a lot of commitment and hard work to get that. Also, what is amazing is that several of them are practicing lawyers or working professionals, meaning that they have really less time to study or exercise.

There is something to learn here not only for us, but even the other students, and those of you who are considering if you should take a course from

So we called them, asked them for their feedback to the questions mentioned below, and took permission to share it with the world 🙂

So what are these questions?

Question 1: What is your most crucial or memorable learning from the course? We encourage you to share at least one event or instance from your career where you were able to apply the learning.  

Question 2: In your opinion, what kind of people can benefit from such learning and what is the benefit they can expect?

Question 3: What has been the key to your consistent performance in the course, especially weekly exercises? Feel free to share inputs for others.

Are there other questions we should ask next time? Hit reply and let me know.

While writing this, I realised that there are too many courses and reviews to share in just one mail. So I am sharing feedback of just 3 upcoming diploma courses.

What did people say?

Let’s take a look course wise. I have retained only the most interesting parts of the comments and deleted the rest for the interest of brevity. We have provided their LinkedIn profile if available hyperlinked to their name so that you can verify if they are genuine people and perhaps even ask them first hand. We can’t assure they will talk with everyone, but if these reviews were fake, they will protest, right?

So we are being transparent about who our topper are 🙂 you can verify that they are real people.

Diploma in Entrepreneurship, Administration and Business Laws

Krithika Bhandari, Student, School of Excellence in Law, Tamil Nadu

“I really enjoyed the class on FDI. It was one of my favourite session and I had a really good time doing the exercises given for the same topic”.

“This course is suitable for anyone, working in any field. It’s simple to understand and easy to learn. Also, the course is designed in such a way that it makes it easy to study and understand”.

“I think the key to this consistency is the way the experts teach in the live sessions; easy, precise and very knowledgeable. The live class is an interactive session, so it makes me more interested and I give my full attention to it”

Dishari Chakrabarti, Legal Assistant, Birla Group of Companies

“Students interested in Corporate and Business law would be highly benefited by this course. In-house counsels, students pursuing MBA programs would be benefitted from this course”.

“In law school, we hardly get to learn any practical application of the black and white letters of our statues and law books, even the examination conducted in law school concentrates on the theoretical aspect. This course helps in learning the practical application of business law, which is very essential”.

Jagdish Kaisare, Intern, Legal Minds LLP

“The course provides a perspective into the practical intricacies of law. Just recently, we finished the module on Foreign Direct Investment. During the course of learning, we were assigned many assignments that were practical application based.”

“During my internship with a law firm, there came up a transaction involving foreign investment, and I could contribute greatly towards the transaction”.

“Professionals from all disciplines can benefit from this course. They can expect to understand the practicality involved in commercial transactions”.

Diploma in Cyber Law, Fintech Regulations and Technology Contracts

Kaushal Kumar, Senior Manager, Genpact

“My most crucial learning is outsourcing contract. Being an IT professional, I could map with many contracts I have seen in my career. I could understand that outsourcing contracts could be made better by adding more critical clauses”

“IT Professional who are transitioning in their career from technical to management or strategic roles will be surely benefited. Of Course, technology savvy lawyers will definitely get more fruits of their efforts”

Priyanka Prasad, Associate, Luthra & Luthra Law Offices

“The forum discussion enabled me to connect with lawyers in the city and helped understand answers related to procedural ambiguities”.

“Lawyers, entrepreneurs and law students can benefit greatly from this course”.

Diploma in Intellectual Property, Media and Entertainment Laws

Sanjana Sen, Law graduate, Pravin Gandhi College of Law

“After college, we lose touch with our subjects; and therefore, each time you go for an interview, you have to revise the provisions or at least check out for the important ones. With this course, this difficulty gets solved and at the same time, you get to deal with certain aspects in detail which you may have missed in college. So yes, this is one most crucial learning which I am happy about”.

“People who want to start working immediately after college or are presently working but lacking the detailed know-how on a particular field which is of their interest, then they must take courses provided by LawSikho. They are the best”.

Sangini Nagpal, Law Student, NMIMS

“Assignment related to trademark dispute really helped and in my recent internship the IPR work given to me was a cakewalk”.

“I’m very consistent with completing my assignments on time and thoroughly going through the material and web sources along with the precedents to the problem (if any) while completing my assignments. It is very beneficial in learning and getting a wide aspect”

Certificate Course in Companies Act

Abhishek Chouhan, Senior Specialist – Corporate Governance, Sistema Smart Technologies Ltd

“In the course, there were times which forced me to think beyond my saturation level. For instance, while preparing an assignment on M&A transaction and drafting clauses of the scheme of arrangement, I  went through several rounds of discussion with my team manager who himself is seasoned CS and my Senior legal Head. This gave me a lot of satisfaction in terms of knowledge earned”.

“Law professionals and CS practitioners can benefit from the learning of this course. A wide range of topics is covered in this course like M&A, Related Party Transactions e.t.c which will help them in their job”.

“For consistency in performance, the only key is discipline. I always set two hours every day first thing in the morning on either my assignments or learnings at least five to six days a week. This simple routine has helped me to perform consistently”

Divya Kathuria, LL.M, Business Laws,  NLU Delhi

“While performing the assignment on annual general meeting, I had to go through the annual reports of two companies, I did this for the first time, it was a very practical learning experience”.

“Any law student can do this course. In law school normally theory is taught, here they can learn the practical aspects and use the skills in getting an internship.”

“The course is very interesting, I am always looking forward to work on assignments and they are also a kind of challenge”.


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