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This article is written by Suman Chatterjee, Team LawSikho.

Black Swan events like pandemics and recessions change the trajectory of human lives in a matter of weeks! In the guise of evil, they can often lead to positive outcomes long awaited for. 

Black Death in the 1300s led to the collapse of the long-established feudal system and made way for an advanced employment structure. 

In the 1600s, a critical economic recession, caused by a 100-year war between England and France, resulted in an unprecedented innovation that brought about a complete overhaul of the agricultural sector. 

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Even the SARS pandemic of 2002-2004 resulted in the rise of one of the biggest ecommerce sites in the world, Alibaba. (You have probably heard about it, right?)

This COVID-19 crisis is yet another “black swan” event.

The world is going digital, without any doubt.

Remote working will not be a matter of choice anymore.

Online shopping and doorstep delivery is on the rise.

In short, good, prosperous times for online businesses and tech companies.

The rise in such online businesses and tech companies will inadvertently spur HUGE demand of tech lawyers once this ordeal is over.

Lawyers who are well-versed with technology contracts and already mastered the subtle art of drafting and negotiating specialized contracts can expect to see a windfall in the months and even years ahead because things have accelerated in this front thanks to Covid.

One slight gaffe in end-user license agreement can lead to millions of dollars in losses. 

Violation of GDPR costs Google millions of euros in fine every alternate month, often because the contracts under which data is collected or transferred prove inadequate.

Even a little ambiguity in the non-disclosure agreement can result in ZERO protection in data leakage issues. Phew! 

The risk for tech companies is all the more intense during these times as a potential global recession looms large and still clients are lining up for services, and digital transformation is going to pick up a new pace once lockdown is lifted.

Legal risks during COVID-19 crisis …for Tech Companies

With complete lockdown going on in all major economies, you can expect delays and defaults on part of tech product or service providers. 

What happens then?

You may have studied a bunch of concepts in contract law in law school which you never thought will prove useful, such as novation, impossibility, frustration, Act of God or Force Majeure – all of those concepts are suddenly becoming super relevant.

Lawyers are brushing up on concepts like anticipatory breach of contract, contributory negligence, and figuring out if there is any way they can get their contracts renegotiated or terminated without incurring too much liability.

Many contracts have already been breached and other contracts may be frustrated or simply that one party is in no position to accept delivery of services or goods. 

A huge number of potential lawsuits will have to be filed once this lockdown is officially over unless people can find solutions through negotiation and mediation.

To protect the tech companies during these times of peril, tech lawyers would have to be skilled enough to navigate a complex web of commercials and legalities.

They would not only need a deep understanding of technology laws but also the ability to untangle domain-specific complications. They would have to draft clever contracts and get out of some using legal loopholes.

For the bright lawyers with the right skills, the aftermath of this crisis period will see an unprecedented level of work lasting from several months, or more likely a few years in cases of large and hairy disputes.

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People will be evaluating existing contracts, renegotiate a lot of them, get into disputes, and try to resolve them through mediation and litigation. Many contracts will inevitably land up in litigation.

Fast-growing digital businesses will also have a great demand for drafting and negotiating new contracts because people will take these agreements and their legal sanctity a lot more seriously.

So, how are you going to learn the ins and outs of technology laws and contracts? 

How can you help these companies re-negotiate and draft their ‘cloud computing’ agreements, or advise them on the use of ‘open-source software’ for a project?   

How can you help them restructure deals, claim indemnity or invoke Force Majeure and save millions of rupees?

How can you help these tech and ecommerce businesses during this period of turmoil, and continue doing that in the good times ahead?

Want to become the go-to tech lawyer for all these companies in need?

We have something for you.


Bringing to you our new and exclusive Certificate Course in Technology Contracts

We already had an advanced drafting-oriented technology contract course in our catalogue before. So, why this? 

After interacting with hundreds of our students and followers, we felt the immense need of a drafting course that focused only on the technology sector and offers live classes. You also told us that you need a course that is very short, and we listened. 

We give you a technology contract drafting course that is just 1-month long, has live classes and assignments and you get personal attention from the teacher.

This comprehensive course is highly detailed and practice-oriented in nature. It is developed in such a way as to help you not only get a conceptual understanding of the technology laws but also give you hands-on experience of drafting and negotiating common tech domain-specific contracts.

Primarily focused on contract drafting, this one-month certificate course deals with this specialized category of contracts related to software development, technology services, SaaS products, licensing, cloud computing, terms of use, GDPR related issues in contracts, privacy policies and other specific contracts—related to IT, digital business and tech infrastructure. 

In other words, you will spend the next month polishing your technology contract drafting skills to perfection.

Who is this course for?

  • Lawyers working for technology companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Uber, Flipkart, etc
  • Lawyers who want to specialize in technology law or work in technology law firms
  • Lawyers who want to work in the technology team of corporate law firms 
  • Lawyers who want to build an independent technology law practice
  • CS and CA who want to upsell additional services to their tech domain clients  
  • Contract managers and procurement managers who regularly procure technology-related services,  work on software development contracts or service level agreements 

How will this course benefit you?

If you take up this course and pursue it seriously, I guarantee you will be able to:

  • draft key technology contracts and licenses such as outsourcing agreement, technology transfer agreements, music license agreement, ebook publishing agreement, affiliate agreements, video game development agreement, non-disclosure agreements, and more.
  • create appropriate licenses for end-users and distributors to maximize intellectual property protection
  • define key performance indicators (KPIs) and service levels, invoicing and payments-related clauses, and software audit provisions
  • minimize damage in case of data leakage and implement incident management frameworks
  • deal with material breach, refunds and credits under SLAs
  • protect sensitive data and comply with local data protection regimes through appropriate data management and security clauses
  • protect developer and client from mischief by implementation of escrow mechanisms 

And much more.

In this course, you will have to attend two live classes and finish four drafts per week. You will also receive 24/7 online access to study materials, doubt clearing sessions, personal feedback, CV enhancement and networking training, and unlimited jobs, client referrals and internship opportunities.

Care to spend at least 12-16 hours per week? I promise we will help you shine a lawyer with great domain knowledge of technology contracts. This skill will help you during and post COVID-19 lockdown.

Just drop a mail to all your existing clients and ask them if they need help in understanding the implications of the lockdown on their contracts and business continuity, and see how many positive responses you get.

Hurry now … the enrollment closes in 5 days only.

Click here to sign up for the course right now

Still thinking? 

All our courses are covered by an iron-clad 30 days full money-back guarantee. No questions asked. The only condition is that you have to put in your effort for at least a month, that’s it.

So you could do the entire course and ask for a refund. We are taking the risk so you don’t have to worry. Just read the refund policy properly. You need to attend all classes and submit all assignments in order to be eligible for a refund. 

This course is jam-packed with as much VALUE as was possible in a one-month period. Starting from data management and data protection to boilerplate clauses to the taxation of software and statement of work, this course covers almost EVERYTHING related to technology laws. 

If you are interested in technology laws and don’t want to pay our hiked course fee later on, about to increase from April 1st, I would urge you to take action now.

Also, we are doing this one batch as an experiment because we do not offer one month executive certificate courses with full classes and assignments ever. We do not know if there will be another batch, or if at all there will be one.

So don’t miss the bus.

Read on for full details here.

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