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This article is written by Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO, LawSikho.

I joined this amazing thing called CrossFit a few years back. It was the most expensive gym membership I ever bought, at 6,000 per month but it was also crazy effective. It was really hard. 

The whole idea of CrossFit is that after a warm-up, which is usually more than the actual workout most people do in normal gyms, for about 10-15 minutes, you push your body so hard that you are in tremendous pain. It’s called the pain zone. 

After that, you do cool down exercise and its done. The whole thing takes about 50-60 minutes. 

What is so special about this workout? Why are people all over the world going crazy about it?

This work out is addictive. Because you are pushed to a pain zone, your body releases lots of good hormones, especially Dopamine, when you are done. You feel amazing, and you want to go back to do more.

All over the world, there are tons of other gyms and trainers who have adopted the same technique now, and incorporated elements of CrossFit in their work out.

So I was going to a CrossFit gym for 3 months. It began to transform my body. However, I had to travel quite a bit to get to the CrossFit gym, as there were only half a dozen of them in my city back in 2015. Then I had to stop as it became impossible to keep going for it.

I used to miss many days. I used to reach late. Some days I was so tired as I pulled an all-nighter that I could not do the extremely demanding work out with full intensity.

But I was still going for it. Why did I stop?

I quit it when my trainer wrote me off as a lazy person. He told me so to my face. 

I needed encouragement to hang on. I would not have stopped if my trainer believed in me and pushed me. Maybe a call or two and a word of encouragement when I missed sessions for an entire week! That would have done wonders. Or when I traveled, he could give me a list of exercises to do. He didn’t even tell me about the WoD apps that could auto-generate a travel WoD for me.

He just said this is not for everyone, you are lazy and unless you get serious you will not see the results you want.

So I decided I could not carry on with CrossFit. 

I tried many other things after that but nothing quite worked that well. I missed the rigor and growth I experienced in CrossFit. I told you that it is addictive!

Fast forward to 2019. I bought an online course that has a lot of elements of CrossFit, called Body Alchemy. It is an online course, for which I paid a few thousands. In return, I got a few pdfs and video demos of exercises. The PDFs contain week wise workout plans, for a total of 8 weeks. 

I have finished all 8 weeks, though it took me 3 and a half months to do what should have taken 2 months. Then I am repeating the program from the beginning. I have finished the first week so far. I can’t believe what amazing progress I have made! 

If I could do 4 rounds of a certain workout when I began, now I can do 7 rounds. Stamina, flexibility and strength have increased tremendously. I feel I have never been so strong and fit in my life. Today morning when I was putting on my t-shirt, the sleeves were tight, because that is how much my muscles had grown since I bought the t-shirt 2 months back! It felt amazing.

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I have achieved the goal with which I had gone to a CrossFit gym but through a very different kind of program. 

What is the difference? What changed now? I do not even have a personal coach to show me the ropes!

One is that I have control over this. I work out in my bedroom after I wake up. The program requires very little equipment and whatever I need is right there in my bedroom. Mostly, a pull-up bar. And a yoga mat. I also bought some cones for agility exercises. I do not have to travel anywhere, I am not dependant on anyone else. In 45 minutes, I am done with my work out. No being stuck in a jam on my way to the gym, or worrying about finding parking.

Also, the program is self-paced. If I miss working out for a week, maybe because I am travelling or so, I can get back next week. No harm. No foul. I just pick up from where I left. I try not to have a large gap between workouts and try to do at least 3 sessions every week no matter what. 

Self-paced programs that give me the freedom to choose my frequency are just lovely.

Still, I am not on my own. I have a well-structured agenda for each day, created by a world-class expert! I just have to do one work out at a time, and not worry about what do I do today. The warm-ups are specified, so are the workout and burn out exercises. There are even extra credits workouts, which I do when I am not completely exhausted.

I had personal coaches many a time, who came home to train me. But I find this even more effective. A coach can have a bad day, he can slack off or not prepare the right exercise chart, but a pre-planned program has none of those drawbacks. 

And finally, it costs a lot less than going to a physical CrossFit gym.

And some people told me that it is useless to do online fitness programs. Sorry dude, you know nothing about it.

I will continue to do this program just as I have done since June, and I know that by my next birthday in August, I will look and feel very different. I love this! I wish I found this before.

This experience has really fortified my trust in online courses. I always knew online courses are amazing, but I guess earlier there were not such amazing programs available yet. Finally, the fitness industry is getting disrupted with amazing online programs.

And there are those people who say that you cannot learn law from an online course.

Well, that is true for many poor courses that are not well-designed, in which course creators do not invest enough time and work, and which are meant for being cheap tools for CV beautification.

You can’t expect such courses to actually enhance your legal skills! If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

We have a very different breed of courses. We teach you two skills every week, through practical assignments, personal feedback, and live classroom sessions. 

And I learned an important lesson from my CrossFit trainer, but from what he didn’t do. 

This is now a critical component of our program.

If you do not attend classes, if you do not do assignments, you will get calls from us repeatedly. We follow up with you. We coach you and encourage you. We do not forget you after taking your money. If you do not learn, if you do not manage to attend classes, if you struggle to manage time, it is not your problem alone. It is our problem too. We succeed when you succeed. So we will do everything we can do chase you down, short of showing up at your house and forcing you to study.

So many people buy gym memberships for a year and then stop going after a week or a month! What if the gyms called those guys back and encouraged them to come again? What if they gave reminders repeatedly? Would that be such a bad thing?

Gyms do not do it because they want a lot of people to stop coming, so they can sell more memberships without having the gym crowded. We are not like that. 

We call you up and support you to finish your courses. We succeed only when you tremendously benefit from our courses and refer your loved ones and friends to come and join our next batch.

I have even been taking extra free classes personally for all students, on how to manage time better, on self-care, on speed reading, on how to delegate better and how to find clients etc, so you can solve the bigger problems of your life and concentrate on your learning, distraction-free.

We stand for your success. That is our calling card. That is our gameplan on how we want to become the greatest online education company in the area of law ever.  

We will not dismiss you saying you are lazy. As long as you are with us, it is our responsibility that you succeed.  Our goal is achieved when you achieve your goal.

This is our promise, and you can hold us responsible for this any time! You can even hold me personally responsible. 

Let’s do it together.

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