Do You Live in State of Denial?

Do you leave in a state of denial? Once in a while do you choose denial over what seems to be the uncomfortable truth?

– No, I’m not saying that, I meant this.
– No, I’m not moody, I just had a bad day.
– No, I’m not impatient, its just that people around me are stupid.
– No, I’m not finicky, I’m just detail oriented.
You can pick or add your line.

What is the problem with this kind of denial?

1. When you don’t affirm to what you are actually doing, you are in conflict with yourself.

2. You lose the opportunity to improve. Till the time you don’t admit it, you can’t improve on it.

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3. Maybe what you are denying is not your weakness, but a strength. Maybe its the real authentic you – denying it may prevent you from being the best you could be.

What to do instead?

Embrace who you are and what your situation is. Learn to be at peace with it. This gives you an ability to take action rather than just react endlessly which pulls you down very often. Survival instinct is rarely a great guide.

This is why great people meditate. This is what zen masters teach and people attend seminars to learn about. This is a lifetime of learning – to overcome our reactions. Getting over denial is a good first step.


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