Dr Padmakumari Muthuswamy is the founder director at Winspire One Healthcare. It’s a primary health care centre in Hyderabad; which provides medical, dental, physiotherapy and diagnostics services. Prior to this she was a consultant at Citizens Hospital, Hyderabad and has practiced for almost 10 years at different hospitals in the United Kingdom. She has done her MBBS from Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai, MRCGP from Royal College of General Practitioners London and DRCOG from Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, London

She completed the NUJS diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Law in 2014. Over here she talks about her experience with the NUJS diploma course and how it helped her career. Over to Dr Padmakumari.

At the time of joining the NUJS diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Law I was working as a consultant with Citizens Hospital, Hyderabad. I was contemplating to startup something of my own and was looking for an online course which would give me some basic idea about entrepreneurship laws.

While searching the internet, I came across an advertisement of the NUJS diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Law. The university name caught my attention as NUJS is one of the top 3 law universities in India. Secondly, I found the course to be vey cost effective. It was very reasonably priced considering the syllabus and the extensive course content. So I decided to enroll in it.

This course has definitely helped me in setting up my health care startup; a primary health care centre in Hyderabad. I’m not from a legal background; if not for this course I wouldn’t have known the difference between a Pvt Ltd, LLP and a partnership firm. This knowledge helped me in deciding to start my centre as a Pvt Ltd company, I was aware that this would be the best option for my centre.

The knowledge gained from this course is still helping me. It helps me understand everything to do with taxation at my centre, although I have a very responsible and committed accountant working with us. Having the knowledge of taxation and basic laws prepares me for, what to expect and what not to.

A module that I personally found extremely beneficial was the one on structuring a business. This module helped me decide on many factors while starting my center. The syllabus and study material is also structured in a way that it’s very easy to find answers to specific questions, which often come in very handy.

My future plan is to expand my business further, right now I have one centre and I’m looking forward to have more branches. I’m even exploring the option of acquiring and getting acquired, if I find some likeminded people wanting to come to primary health care business. This course would come handy then also as it includes chapters on partnership laws, merger and acquisitions etc. I would be referring to all this information then.

I have even mentioned this diploma in my LinkedIn profile and would definitely recommend this course to other people. I personally feel that people from any background can benefit from this course as the basic understand of law is beneficial for all.





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